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Turkish Music Festivals You Can't Miss This Summer

30th May 2015

Turkey is a country rich in culture and one of the ways Turkey best represent their culture is through their love of music. You’ll find a number of festivals annually held in Turkey that will be a feast for your ears and will make any music lovers trip to Turkey that little bit more special....

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Beat the Crowds - Discover the quieter spots for your to visit to Turkey

27th May 2015

So you’ve got everything planned for your holiday to Turkey, everything’s packed and ready and you’ve got a list of all the places you want to visit. Then you get there and after a couple of days seeing the sites, you just want to get away from the crowds. It’s a common...

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Religious Sites in Turkey

26th May 2015

Turkey is a very multicultural country, you’ll find people from many different backgrounds who live and work together in harmony. Perhaps it’s only fitting then that such wondrous representations of the multicultural community and society of Turkey and available to see and visit in the...

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Istanbul Autoshow 2015 underway in Büyükçekmece, Istanbul

25th May 2015

The Istanbul Autoshow 2015 is currently underway in Istanbul, running until 31 May 2015. The bi-annual event is one of the biggest industry shows in Europe and the Middle East, bringing together 37 brands and 500 models in 2015. The event is held with cooperation from the Otomotiv...

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Hitting the Beach in Turkey

24th May 2015

Since Turkey is a country with the good fortune to have coastlines along both the Aegean and Mediterranean seas it should be no surprise that hitting the beach is one of the first things many tourists will want to do on their holiday. Tourists and locals are quite literally spoilt for choice when...

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A Guide to Turkish Cuisine

22nd May 2015

“Let’s grab a Turkish tonight I don’t feel like cooking” would sound a little strange to most people, now grabbing a: Chinese, Indian or Italian would be a lot more expected. Apart from the Kebap most Turkish cuisine is yet to really grow in popularity overseas. This will...

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Vegetarian and Vegan restaurants and food in Istanbul

20th May 2015

Turkish cuisine is a wonderful fusion of many different cultural cuisines including elements of; Asian, Middle Eastern, Mediterranean and Balkan cuisines. Many traditional Turkish dishes are inspired by Turkey’s rich heritage from when it was part of the Ottoman Empire. There’s a whole...

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Agence France - Presse Türkiye photography exhibition – Istanbul, Kadiköy

18th May 2015

A free photography exhibition titled “Agence France-Presse Türkiye Haber Fotoğrafları” (AFP Turkey News Photos) is currently running at the art gallery of the Caddebostan Cultural Center (CKM) in Kadıköy, Istanbul. Agence France-Presse (AFP) is a long standing international...

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Fitness holidays and trips in Turkey

17th May 2015

A holiday is all about having fun and seeing the sights right? Maybe taking the time to indulge yourself a little bit, while this is a fair assessment of many holidays there’s been a growing trend in recent years of the fitness holiday. Now before anyone jumps to conclusions about this a...

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Activities for bored teenagers in Turkey

14th May 2015

Turkey is a country with a rich history and culture with many attractions and sights to explore, however even with everything it has to offer Turkey isn’t immune to the call of “I’m bored” the two words that will make all parents shudder with annoyance. Turkey is a popular...

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