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Coffee Calamity: Turkish Coffee vs American Coffee

29th June 2015

A cup of coffee is the ideal way to the start the day and it crosses international barriers with ease no matter where you’re from the cup of coffee is something almost everyone will recognize. But that doesn’t mean all coffee is the same far from it in fact. For example Turkish coffee...

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A look at Turkey's Art Galleries (both big and small)

25th June 2015

Turkey as you may know is a country rich in culture and you’ll find a variety of monuments to Turkish art scattered throughout Turkey. This ranges from the ancient remains of sculpture and architectural works found in Turkey’s numerous ruin sites, to the vast art collections housed in...

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One for the Road: A look at Turkish Beers

21st June 2015

Although Turkey isn’t known for its beer (its national drink is Raki) but beer aficionados have no fear because you’ll find a host of Turkish beers on tap. The best-selling and most popular Turkish beer is Efes Pilsen which is brewed in the Turkish city of Izmir.  But while...

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A guide to social etiquette in Turkey

16th June 2015

Trying to follow our own countries social etiquette in various situations can be a bit of minefield sometimes, so you can imagine how difficult following proper social etiquette can be when visiting a new country for first time. Thankfully the Turkish people are very friendly and understanding so...

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Funny chat up lines all Turkish Barmen use

14th June 2015

Women prepare to laugh and politely smile because if you’re holidaying in Turkey you’ll likely encounter some truly cheesy pick-up lines. Barmen in particular just love these endearing but somewhat awful pickup lines so if you’re getting a drink on your own or with friends you...

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8 Street Foods that make Istanbul Great

10th June 2015

Picture this scene you’re walking down a busy Istanbul Street perhaps you’re on your way to have a look at the Grand Bazaar. You look at your watch reading that it’s 11:00am a little too early for lunch and bit too late for breakfast but that grumble in your stomach must be...

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Common Misconceptions about Turkey

9th June 2015

So you tell your friends and family you’re planning a holiday to Turkey and then one them tells you to think again because Turkey is Islamic country or you’ll have to wear a burqa if you want to go around in public or you’ll be told you could be kidnapped and held to ransom once...

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Enjoying the Turkish nightlife in Marmaris

7th June 2015

Why do we go on holidays, is it to experience new cultures, relax and enjoy the sun or to see world famous monuments and attractions? It can be all these things really but one of the most popular reasons people go on holiday is to go and enjoy the nightlife they can run wild for a little bit and...

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Staying Safe in Turkey

1st June 2015

You’ll find that tourists and travellers will in general be very complimentary when discussing Turkey and Turkish people, Turkey is a very friendly country and the Turkish people’s hospitality is first rate. However no place is completely safe and no matter where you travel tourists can...

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