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The Traveler's Guide – Accommodation in Turkey

28th July 2015

Deciding where to stay on your holiday to Turkey is a difficult decision, and I’ am not talking about simply trying to decide between different hotels. While the hotel is clearly the most popular choice for tourists there’s plenty of other places to stay if you feel like trying...

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Enjoy Turkish Nature - Turkey's National Parks

24th July 2015

Turkey is famed for its many beaches and while taking a walk down the beach (or simply sunbathing instead) is one of the things everyone will no doubt be planning on doing during their holiday you’ll find that there’s more to Turkey’s scenery than just beaches. Taking a peaceful...

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Currency Exchange - Changing your money in Turkey

21st July 2015

When exchanging your holiday money in Turkey, whether it be in Pound, USD or YEN - We all want the best rates, right? But what if you don't fully understand the exchange rates? And don't know where/who to get the best rates from?First of all not many people are aware of this but according to...

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Bit of Fun: How To Make An Air Conditioner For Your Home In Less Than 15 Minutes

20th July 2015

Bit of Fun: How To Make An Air Conditioner For Your Home In Less Than 15 MinutesSummer heat in Turkey is extremley hot and with temperatures reaching 35ºC+ you know the essential item to keep you going is AC. But what if you don't have AC in your home? If you're struggling with the...

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Rent 'n Connect - Unlimited 3G Wi-Fi when you need it

17th July 2015

Who is Rent 'n Connect? Rent ‘n Connect was founded in 2012 by three young engineers from Istanbul’s Bosporus University. One the Co-Founders, Özgür Gen, spoke with YellAli. He explained that the widespread adoption of tablets in Turkey along with the rise of the sharing...

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The end of Ramadan
 - Turkey 2015

13th July 2015

It's nearly the end of Ramadan, which means it's almost time for the festival to begin.The festival, called Şeker Bayramı or Eid ul-Fitr (known as the 'Sugar Feast') is celebrated as the breaking of the fast.All muslims will celebrate the end of the thirty days of fasting (Ramadan) and this year it...

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Tips for keeping cool during a heatwave in Turkey

9th July 2015

Turkey is well known and loved for its' hot weather, so while tourists and locals alike might be used to the heat in general, it does get rather hot during the Summer Months.... There are many ways to stay cool during this heat wave so let's look at some top tips for staying cool. Cool Baths...

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More Misconceptions About Turkey

8th July 2015

We've already looked at some of the common misconceptions people have regarding Turkey ranging from the belief that Turkey is an Islamic state to things like polygamy being legal. If you have even a basic knowledge of Turkey you'll likely know that these aren't true but unsurprisingly many people...

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A look at Sports in Turkey

5th July 2015

Sports fans rejoice Turkey is a country rich and diverse in sport and you’ll find a number of passionate fans that will no doubt share your love of sport (no matter what sport that is) The national game of Turkey is football but don’t worry if you’re not a fan there’s plenty...

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