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Emergency Services in Turkey

29th September 2015

The importance of the emergency services is something we all know, however while we may all know about our home countries emergency services it’s surprising how many people don’t research a foreign countries. This might be understandable if you’re only going on a short visit,...

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Getting Around: Public Transport in Turkey

25th September 2015

Turkey has a wide range of public transport options to suit a variety of needs, so no matter how far you want to travel they’ll be some mode of public transport available. Let’s take a look at these transport options in depth. The Bus Ah the humble bus might not have the best of...

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Top 5 Turkish Souvenirs

21st September 2015

Everyone loves a good souvenir, it’s the perfect little memento of your holiday, for example when you’re back at work typing you can take a quick look at the souvenir on your desk and instantly be reminded of your stress free time where all you had to worry about was enjoying...

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Kurban Bayramı in Turkey 'Feast of the Sacrifice' - 2015

17th September 2015

Kurban Bayramı is one of the most important Islamic religious festivals of the year.When? – The date of ‘Kurban Bayram’ or ‘Feast of the Sacrifice’ changes each year and takes place 70 days after Ramadan, this year, 2015 it starts on Wednesday 23rd of...

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Top 10 Blogs for Expats in Turkey

15th September 2015

Please see below our most popular expat related blogs on :-We hope you find them useful.1. 14 things only an Expat living in Turkey would understandA collection of 14 small points that annoy most expats.2. From Expat to Native – 12 Signs you have become a true local in Turkey12...

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Understanding Banking in Turkey

14th September 2015

Banks are complicate aren’t they? Even trying to understand your own countries banks can be difficult so you can imagine the trouble expats new to Turkey will have. However fear not because with our guide to banking in Turkey, you’ll soon have a clearer understanding of the basics of...

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Guide to bringing your Pet to Turkey

10th September 2015

We all love our pets don’t we? But with more and more people choosing to live in another country later in life the question of what we do with our furry companions is not always easy to answer. Some people may try to find a new home for them before they leave, or leave them with an animal...

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Magnificent Mezes: A guide to Turkish Meze

7th September 2015

Meze is a word you might not be familiar with so let me explain. If you’re sitting down for a meal in a Turkish restaurant you’ll be offered a selection of mezes. Mezes are basically the equivalent of appetizers or you could think of them as a buffet style starter course. 


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Turkish Inheritance Law

3rd September 2015

With more and more people travelling around the world for a variety of reasons international inheritance matters are now much more common than they once were. Because of this the Turkish inheritance law is now more relevant than ever. But how does the Turkish inheritance law work?Inheritance law is...

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Making a Will in Turkey

1st September 2015

The legal formalities of making a will in Turkey can be quite complex and due to this complexity a number of wills are being annulled by Turkish courts. In order to avoid challenges from inheritors there’s a number of mandatory conditions that have to be observed when setting up the...

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