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Turkish Tourist Safety – Safety Concerns for 2016

29th February 2016

Tourist safety is always a concern to big tourist countries and Turkey is no different, however recent events in late 2015 and in the first months on 2016 have caused a new wave of concerns over tourist safety. The recent explosions in Istanbul and the bombings in Ankara are the most recent attacks...

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My life as an Expat in Turkey - Working in Turkey

28th February 2016

When I first arrived in Turkey to work on a five-star hotel complex down on the Mediterranean Coast, I had no idea of working conditions or what kind of workers I would find. As it turned out, both the Project management Team and Ucgen, the construction company I was seconded to work with...

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Turkish Cinema – Turkey’s Infamous Movie Remakes

22nd February 2016

The Turkish cinema is a wonderful place, there's been countless Turkish films that have captured the imaginations of audiences all around the world. However Turkey like every other country also produced some movies it would likely rather forget.You see many years ago during the 1950's and early...

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Turkey and Russia – The Fallout

21st February 2016

The fallout from the Russian jet crisis has been far reaching, a number of Turkish hotels are now facing bankruptcy and the Turkish economy is suffering due to falling numbers of Russian tourists. Some predictions estimate that the Turkish economy could lose up to 9 billion dollars because of the...

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Turkey’s Relationship With Alcohol

15th February 2016

We’ve already looked at the frequently asked questions in regards to Turkey’s alcohol laws and as you may know alcohol in Turkey doesn’t come cheap due to the high tax rates imposed on it. While research as shown that the high prices haven’t caused alcohol consumption to...

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Istanbul is it Child Friendly Enough for my Family?

12th February 2016

When you think of Istanbul you likely think of the famous ancient ruins, the fabulous architecture or maybe even the street food. One thing you probably don’t think “is what a great place to take my kids” However while it might not bring the same instant enthusiasm as a trip to...

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Turkish Superstitions – You Might Have more In Common Than You Think

9th February 2016

Turkish people like most other cultures have their own superstitions, don't worry you don't have to follow them, after all do most people? But they do tell us about Turkish history and culture and show that are shared distrust of black cats is something we'll always have in common. So let's take a...

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Turkey's Predicted Tourism Slump - What's going wrong?

8th February 2016

2016 - The Year of Turkey's Tourism SlumpYou might think the above title is a little presumptuous, after all we're barely in February so it might be a bit early to say 2016 is going to be a slump for tourism? Unfortunately while it's still early days and a recovery isn't impossible, the early signs...

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My life as an Expat in Turkey - How I made friends in Turkey

2nd February 2016

How I made friends in TurkeyDuring work on the hotel construction my late wife and I lived in Kemer, where at the time were only a few English speaking Turks. This proved not a problem, as by using pigeon English, pointing and using hand movements, we soon made friends with numerous shopkeepers. By...

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Tweeting in Turkey - Turkey’s Unusual Relationship with Social Media

1st February 2016

Social media is such an integral part of most people's lives now days that many people take it for granted. And most people understandably don't really think about it when they're deciding to move to another country, because most people will just assume social media is everywhere.So is social...

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