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Turkey and the EU – The Frequently Asked Questions

28th March 2016

Turkey’s relationship with the EU is complicated to say the least and you may have heard many different things about Turkey’s relationship. Turkey is often the victim of misconceptions and this has spread to its relationship with the EU. I myself have heard many conflicting opinions...

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Wireless Internet Access in Turkey for Expats & Travellers

24th March 2016

Sponsored AdReaders who want wireless Internet access while travelling in Turkey will do well to look at Rent ‘n Connect, one of the most successful Turkish companies offering tourists and visitors a way to stay hooked up to the Internet and have access to travel information 24/7. Ozgur Gen,...

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Don't write Turkey off just yet - Experience some of Turkey’s must see Places

22nd March 2016

Tensions are certainly going to be high in Turkey right now although many local people and tourists are going back to their normal lives and routines. However if you’ve been planning to go to Turkey or have already got a date booked then having second thoughts at a time like this is perfectly...

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My life as an Expat in Turkey - Health care in Turkey

21st March 2016

During my twenty plus years of living in Turkey, like most people I have had health problems. However, despite what many fellow expats might think, health care in Turkey is extremely good. A steady growing number of people come here from their own countries to have operations carried out. 


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The Essentials for Getting a Work Permit in Turkey

15th March 2016

With literally thousands of expats moving to Turkey every year getting a job is something many expats are going to face. Getting a work permit might not be simple but it might not be as complex as you think and remember with our YellAli Permit Services if you ever need help we will be able to offer...

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My Top 10 Things Turkey Is Famous For (Part 2)

14th March 2016

So we’ve already looked at the first half of my top ten things Turkey is most famous for. Yes there was a quite a bit of food and drink mentioned but I promised I’d try to be a bit more varied for this half. So without further ado let’s go. 5 – Turkish Movies In particular...

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Digging Up The Past – Turkey's Archaeological Discoveries

12th March 2016

Turkish archaeologists may soon unearth a lost underwater island off the coast of Istanbul. It's believed the lost island was first noticed on Byzantine maps and was photographed by an exploration team in 2015.The Vordonisi Island was known to exist in the Byzantine era but now lies under the...

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My Top 10 Things Turkey Is Famous For (Part 1)

8th March 2016

Founded from the remnants of the Ottoman Empire Turkey is a country with a rich and historic culture. It's the place where the east and west meet both figuratively and literally so you can imagine it as quite a lot to be famous for. But if you'd care to listen here's what I think are the top ten...

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Turkish Driving Licence - An Expats Experience

4th March 2016

Turkish Driving Licence - An Expats ExperienceHaving decided to exchange my UK driving licence for a Turkish ones, I checked online and found differing information as to what was required to complete the process. Now that I have finally achieved my aim, in this brief I detail the various processes...

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The Recent Changes to e-ikamet

1st March 2016

The Turkish Migration Department have recently re-launched the GÖÇ NET e-Residence module (as announced by the Director General of Migration Management) The new module is now up and running at new GocNet e-Residence module will ensure a better and more accessible...

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