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Know the Law: Converting your Foreign License to a Turkish Drivers License

30th May 2016

Getting a Turkish driving license.Do I even need A Turkish License?The simple answer is YES you do need a Turkish Driving License. The new law came into effect on January 1st 2016 stating that a foreign driving license can only legally allow you to drive for 6 months from your arrival date in...

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Expat Challenges - Using The Internet

28th May 2016

Turkey has 35 million active users on the internet and one thing expats and foreigners are going to want to know is if they can still use their favourite sites.Getting the InternetThe internet is available in a variety of ways and from a variety of providers in Turkey, so expats will have plenty of...

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8 Reasons To Quit Your Old Life And Move To Turkey

24th May 2016

Ever had the urge to just pack your bags and move away? The answer is probably yes it’s something many people will experience a few times in their life and while must don’t act on it every year some do and Turkey is one of the most popular place people move to. So let’s look at 8...

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Expat Challenges – Making Friends and Building Relationships

20th May 2016

Expat Challenges – Making Friends and Building RelationshipsMaking friends anywhere is tough, while it's easier for some people the majority of us when we start a new job or move into a new neighbourhood will likely feel at little awkward when trying to make new friends. Now imagine how...

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Turkey - Are You an Immigrant or an Expat?

17th May 2016

There’s a lot of talk about Turkey and immigrants right now and some have even gone to use the term to describe the many expats living in Turkey as well. So if you’re living in Turkey right now which one are you? And what is the difference between the two?Expat or Immigrant?We’ll...

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Which Nationalities have the most expensive (and cheapest) Residence Permit Charges ?

16th May 2016

Which Nationalities have the most expensive (& cheapest) Residence Permit Charges in Turkey ?Have you ever wondered which countries pay the most for their Residence Permit taxes? Or which country have the cheapest fees to be paid? (And of course who pays nothing at all!!!)So, just for your...

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Turkish Citizenship vs Long Term Residency - Which is the better option ?

13th May 2016

Right lets first establish whether you gained rights of application for either or both; For Turkish citizenships there are 3 grounds for application; Marriage to a Turkish citizen, 5 years residency in Turkey, and if you have adopted a Turkish child. (*criteria must be met for each...

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Why You Should Be Concerned About NOT Having a WILL

10th May 2016

Last Will and Testament - What is YellAli Concerned About ?
Will concerns from YellAli -  Ok so today’s topic isn’t the happiest of topics and it’s not the most cheery to discuss, but it’s oh-so-important. SO important. Writing your last will and testament in...

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Applying for Turkish Citizenship

9th May 2016

We all know that applying for a Turkish Residence Permit can be a painful and beaurocratic process, therefore you may want to consider the possibility of becoming a Turkish Citizen. In order for a non Turkish citizen to apply for Turkish Nationality the subject must fall under one of the...

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Famous And Influential People in Turkey – Part 2

8th May 2016

Turkey’s been the home of many famous people and we’ve already looked at some but five just isn’t enough is it? If you’re planning to move to Turkey or perhaps have already made the move it’s always a good idea to brush up on some famous names. So let’s take a...

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