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Stay Hydrated This Summer – Turkish Drinks To Keep You Cool

30th June 2016

We all love the Turkish sunshine but this gorgeous weather comes with a downside doesn’t it? The risk of dehydration is very real especially for expats and tourists who are in Turkey for the first time or from countries that simply don’t have the same degree of sun as Turkey. So...

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12 Warning Signs Of Dehydration - Holiday in Turkey

23rd June 2016

When spending time in the summer sun you can easily become dehydrated if you don’t take in enough fluids. Once dehydration has set in, the body slowly begins to shut down, eventually causing problems such as kidney failure, seizures and brain swelling. Fortunately, your body will tell you...

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Turkish Citizenship - Becoming a TC and choosing a Turkish Name

20th June 2016

So your'e thinking of becoming a Turkish Citizen? You may already be thinking about a Turkish name you may like to adopt ? We thought it would be fun to list the most popular names in Turkey.Here is the list of the most common and popular names given to boys and girls in the last 10 years,...

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Turkey Being Unfairly Targeted By Both Sides In The Brexit Debate

17th June 2016

The Brexit debate rages on in the UK as we get closer to the referendum date on the 23rd. One country in particular seems to be getting mentioned quite a lot. That is of course Turkey and both the stay and leave groups seem to have a bizarre belief that Turks are just waiting to run to the UK as...

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Turkish Wills, the Rumour and the Reality

15th June 2016

So you have been considering getting a Turkish Will but hear all sorts of stories from so many different people. The most absurd of statements I have heard recently is.... "a will is not worth the paper it is written on" And now it's time to set the record straight! Legal DocumentA will is a legal...

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Let’s Talk Brexit – What Does It Mean For British Expats In Turkey?

14th June 2016

There’s a lot of talk about Brexit in the UK at the moment but what does it mean for expats? Well for British expats in Turkey not much at the moment really. Since Turkey isn’t an EU member presently whatever happens after the 23rd June when the UK holds its referendum British expats in...

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Good News For Sellers and Merchants - Top Alternatives To PayPal - Turkey

13th June 2016

The news that PayPal are suspending operations in Turkey from the 6 th June was a brutal blow to 

merchants all around Turkey. Thankfully though there’s a range of other services available that work

in a similar manner to PayPal so you do have other alternatives available to you.


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Why you Shouldn't Holiday in Turkey or even live there!

9th June 2016

Well it looks like the party is over and we know when we’re beat so let’s take a look at why you shouldn’t holiday in Turkey or even become a resident in Turkey. We’ve taken a good look at the many possible reasons and picked the best ones just for you.There’s...

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8 Reasons to become a Turkish Citizen

7th June 2016

Living in Turkey is a dream for many after all that’s why many people move to Turkey every year. But becoming a Turkish Citizen is different from just having a Turkish Residence Permit, so let’s look at why becoming a Turkish citizen can be the better choice.Working RightsBecoming a TC...

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Ramadan 2016 - Are you Ready ?

5th June 2016

Ramadan (Ramazan) will begin in the evening of Friday , May 26How will this affect Tourists?For tourists holidaying in Turkey you will most likely not notice any differences, nor be affected by the holy month of Ramadan. As in tourist areas it’s pretty much business as usual, with restaurants...

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