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Turkey Attempted Coup – Going Forward What Happens Next?

30th July 2016

The Turkish coup d'état only happened two weeks ago, at the time I’ am writing this, but it already seems so long ago doesn’t it? And so much has happened since then. Although the coup, which occurred on July 15th, was a failure and lasted only a few hours it has changed the...

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Turkey post-coup: Police with guns scare workers at YellAli

26th July 2016

Istanbul - I can still remember the fear that took over my body when the second F16 went over my flat. I was so frighted and confused, what the hell was going on? who the hell was doing this to us?So many thoughts went through my head. I packed a bag with some clothing, and what food I had in the...

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Is Turkey still safe to visit?

25th July 2016

For lots of tourists out there that may have already have a holiday booked in Turkey the news that a 3 month state of emergency has been announced, the recent attacks and attempted coup will have you worried.It's OK to be Concerned...It’s natural at times like this to be worried about your...

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Turkish Summer Foods You Just Have To Try!

24th July 2016

There’s no summer quite like a Turkish summer and with the changing of the seasons comes a changing of menus in Turkish restaurants and cafes. Turkish cuisine offers a huge variety of flavours the summer foods in particular are favourite among many. So without further ado let’s take a...

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Yes You Can Still Holiday In Turkey!

22nd July 2016

The last week has been hectic to say the least in Turkey but that doesn’t mean you still can’t holiday in Turkey and have a calming, relaxing and enjoyable time. This might sound hard to believe given the recent events but many people are still holidaying and enjoying their time in...

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Turkey and the state of emergency. Should foreigners be worried?

21st July 2016

Turkey and the state of emergency. Should foreigners be worried?Without getting political, we just wanted to give you some information on what a state of emergency will actually mean. Turkey's president has declared a state of emergency for three months following Friday night's failed army coup.The...

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Istanbul and the Aftermath - My views as a Dual Turkish/British Citizen

19th July 2016

Three and a half years and counting...... thats how long I have lived in Istanbul.  I moved here to escape a personal tragedy which I was faced with.  I found Istanbul the perfect place to disappear and seek some solitude. I think I felt safe here. Being a dual national of both the...

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Things You Need To Know Before Renting A Property in Istanbul

12th July 2016

Istanbul..... the enchanting city which has made us fall in love with it and then persuaded us to pack our bags and relocate!We want to make sure your love affair with Istanbul continues, therefore we want to make sure the transition process is a smooth and pleasurable as possible. Please read...

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Turkish Citizenship - Do you Qualify for TC ?

5th July 2016

Becoming a Turkish Citizen is different from just having a Turkish Residence Permit, as it entitles you to benefits such as; Working Rights, Turkish Pension, the right to Vote, and obtaining a Turkish Passport.So if you are you considering applying for TC citizenship, what are the grounds on which...

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Don’t give in to Terrorism, Don’t Let them win - Turkey

2nd July 2016

As we reach half way through the year, already Turkey has had its fair share of problems, which is disheartening to say the least.Turkey has had a difficult year so far and knowing all the problems it has faced, when we’ve only just literally passed the halfway mark is disheartening to say...

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