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19th December 2017

The Law On Protection of Personal Data has been enacted by the Parliament and has been published in Official Gazette April 7, 2016. It has become effective as of the publication date. Personal data has been defined as “all kind of information belonging to an identified or can be identifiable...

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DIVORCE IN TURKEY - What you should know about contentious divorce proceedings

12th December 2017

DIVORCE IN TURKEY II What you should know about contentious divorce (çekişmeli boşanma) proceedings In my previous article I explained the procedure of a consensual divorce, this time I will focus on contentious divorce proceedings. Since its amendment in 2001, the Turkish civil code...

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Removal Centers for Foreigners in Turkey

12th December 2017

Removal Centers at Turkey   Removal centers are the places established for keeping the foreigners under control and serve them hosting which are under administrative detention and to be deported from country.   Duration of Stay at Removal Center; Duration of staying at removal...

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Storage solutions for your Turkish home - declutter with these brilliant storage ideas

7th December 2017

Decluttering your home can be a big job. The best way to start is to organise your space and focus on one room or an area within a room, such as your bathroom cabinets, at a time. Some areas may just need extra storage baskets while others may need customising via a professional trades...

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What is Mobbing in the Turkish Legal System?

5th December 2017

“Mobbing” is a new concept recognized by the Turkish legal system.  Literally, mobbing means bullying of an individual by a group in any context, such as a family, friends, peers, school, workplace, neighborhood, community, or online.  When it occurs in the workplace it falls...

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