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Compare Internet Deals in Turkey - 2017

20th February 2017

For most expats living in Turkey the internet connection is definitely an important decision. Your choice of Internet Service Provider (ISP) can make an enormous difference in your happiness (or frustrations) as an internet user. Depending on where you live, you might have a great choice of ISPs or...

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Turkey’s Biggest Exports

18th February 2017

You might not know it but Turkey is the home of many popular exports, the chance of someone in the UK owning a Turkish made electronic or Turkish made garment for example are actually very high. Turkey exports to many countries and even during the difficult times of 2016 Turkish exports remained...

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Valentine's Day in Turkey

13th February 2017

Valentine's Day is a relative newcomer to Turkey. It was popularized by the men's magazine "Erkekçe" in the mid-80s. Turks know Valentine's Day by the name "Sevgililer Günü" which literally means "Lovers Day."That is, while the origins of the holiday in the West are traced back to...

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Integrating In Turkey

12th February 2017

Moving to Turkey is undoubtedly an exciting time for anyone but this can change into dread and anxiousness in no time if you don’t integrate into your new culture or home. Integrating into a new country can be a challenging and daunting experience but also one that is adventurous and fun. To...

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The Cost of Living in Expat Hubs - Turkey

8th February 2017

We recently took a look at some of Turkey’s most popular places amongst expats and found that each one was popular for a variety of reasons and amongst different groups. Some like Istanbul appealed to younger expats looking to start a new career while Mugla was more popular with English...

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Are Fears of Coming To Turkey Justified?

4th February 2017

Let’s be honest after the dramatic events of 2016 Turkeys tourism industry understandably took a knock with fewer people coming to visit. But while it is understandable people would be worried about visiting Turkey after news of a terrorist attack are your fears justified?This is a tricky...

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