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VPN Usage in Turkey

27th April 2017

The CensorshipIn the year 2007, Turkey passed an Internet Censorship law that signified a major shift in internet usage in the country. The restriction was meant to ‘regulate’ and ‘clean’ the internet from undesirable content, with the declared objective of protecting...

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Consumer Protection Law in Turkey - know your rights

12th April 2017

The Consumer Protection Law (the “CPL”) applies not only to the sale of products, but also to services rendered for customers, excluding commercial or professional activities.  For example, If  a customer hires an electrician to render services at his/her house, the CPL will...

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Dealing with dishonest tradesmen in Turkey - 10 signs they’re bad news

12th April 2017

How can you tell if the guy you’ve hired to repair your home is a legitimate registered trader?  Watch out for the warning signs and look out for tradesmen’s who…   1. Offer very cheap quotes or estimates, as this could be an indication that they are a ‘rogue...

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Overview : Hiring Workers in Turkey

10th April 2017

If you own a company in Turkey or will establish a company in Turkey, you may be considering employing local staff.Please see our guide below:- SalaryThe national minimum wage which is 1777,50 TL gross for locals (companies can not pay below this figure) If foreigners are employed the salary...

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