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12 Useful Apps You Didn't Know You Needed | Turkey

29th August 2017

  Useful Apps for living or holidaying in Turkey:-   1. Provinces of Turkey - Locations on the Turkish Map Learn all 81 provinces of Turkey: from Istanbul and Ankara to Erzurum and Van.There are 4 different quiz modes about:* names of all Turkish provinces;* their location on the map...

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Victory Day in Turkey - What it means

28th August 2017

Military parades and ceremonies at monuments to Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, who founded the Turkish Republic, are some common ways to celebrate Victory Day in Turkey. Turkish flags often adorn shops, public offices and people's houses on this day. What Do People Do? Many people in Turkey...

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How To Keep Chrome Taps Shiny - Turkey

23rd August 2017

Dull-looking taps, riddled with limescale and grime will easily make your bathroom look dirty and uninviting. Whilst chrome is a resilient material, left untreated it will quickly dull, stain and sometimes rust. Follow these easy steps to help keep your chrome taps clean and shiny. Cleaning Your...

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Ideas To Winter Proof Your Turkish Home

22nd August 2017

Keep your Turkish property warm this winterSo what is the best way to keep your villa/apartment warm this winter in Turkey?Climate control systems – Although this can be costly to install, climate contol systems are an easy and convenient way of keeping your home at a nice...

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Is it Safe to Travel to Turkey? One Travel Agent Shares Her Take

15th August 2017

Turkey’s new Minister of Culture and Tourism has an ambitious plan to revive the country’s travel sector. But with tourism numbers in decline in 2016 following a failed coup and series of terrorist attacks, how will travelers respond? Travel Agent reached out to one advisor who just...

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Turkish Property Improvement Projects Which Dont Pay Off

14th August 2017

If you’re planning to sell your Turkish property within the next two to three years, don’t invest money in certain property improvement projects that won’t increase the resale value of your villa or apartment. Costly projects you should avoid.Expensive landscaping.Creating an over...

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6 Checklist Points Before You Hire A Tradesman In Turkey

14th August 2017

How to hire a reliable tradesman in Turkey.Are you about to hire a tradesman to work in your villa or garden in Turkey?To ensure you hire a decent company for the job you must follow these steps first.1) Check ratings , reviews and quotes of various tradesmen before you start the job.At YellAli's...

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You may not know it – but don’t do this in Turkey

8th August 2017

For most of us we all know the general rules of etiquette while in Turkey, do not insult the Turkish flag, do not insult Ataturk, dont go into someones home with out first asking if you should remove your shoes. But what else should you know as a foreigner in Turkey. Don’t call someone a...

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16 ways you know you’ve become Turkish

4th August 2017

1) You refuse to buy any electrical item without first seeing that it works. 2) you have started to answer every question by repeating evet,evet, var,var, hayir,hayir. 3) You have embraced eating olives for breakfast. 4) You always order the largest beer (efes) because its just one lira...

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