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Why is it important to keep my air condition unit clean?

27th February 2018

Why is it important to service your air conditioner? 

Air Conditioner Filters. The most important maintenance task that will ensure the efficiency of your air conditioner is to routinely replace or clean its filters. You must replace your air...

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How much can landlords increase my rent in Turkey?

27th February 2018

2018 - rent increase:   For long term rentals, the yearly increase of rent is a matter which can be regulated in the tenancy agreement. If nothing particular has been agreed in the contract, the rent increase is made according to the ÜFE (Producer Price Index) or the TÜFE (Consumer...

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13th February 2018

INHERITANCE ISSUES PART 2 Inheritance tax With the valid certificate of inheritance (‘Mirasçılık Belgesi’) one of the heirs or their representative proceed to the ‘Vergi Dairesi’ (tax office) and pay the related inheritance tax (‘intikal vergisi’). The...

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6th February 2018

  After having published our latest article ‘Dying in Turkey’ we will now continue with the question: ‘What happens to my estate after my death?’   It is difficult to give a universally valid reply to this question, as every country’s inheritance...

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