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What documents do I need to move to Turkey?

21st December 2018

What Documents Do I need if I move to Turkey?

If you are planning on moving to Turkey either temporarily or permanently it’s important you have all the correct documentation in place.  Here is some information on what is necessary before you move over.


» Turkish Tax number or Yabanci Kimlik number (Foreigners Identity Number) - You will need to have this in order to do such things as; open a Turkish bank account, register utility bills in your own name, paying Turkish land/council taxes and applying for a Turkish driving license. A Turkish tax number can be obtained from your local Tax office (Vergi Dairesi)


» Turkish Residence permit - This is a permit granted to all foreign nationals, allowing them permission to reside in Turkey. This can be issued for up to 2 years (Short-Term Residence Permit), 3 years (Family Residence Permit), 5 years (Short-Term Permit for KKTC and foreign national investors) or *permanent (Long-Term Residence Permit).


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Please note: Having a Turkish residence permit is a requirement for the following;

- Shipping personal items to Turkey

- Registering a land-line telephone/internet.

» Yabanci Kimlik number - This translates to, Foreigner Identity Number (FIN). This number is issued to all foreigners and may be required for:


             Obtaining a Turkish driving license

             Public notary proceedings

             Purchase and sale of real estate

             Obtaining and renewing insurance policies

             Bank accounts and transactions

             Purchasing a Vehicle


Military approval- Having this will entitle you to own a property in Turkey. This is a necessity before you can legally own a property in your own name. Applying for Military Approval is a process which starts when you have selected a property to purchase.


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Turkish Residence Permit


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