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A Turkish Winter Wonderland

9th January 2019

A Turkish Winter Wonderland

Located near the Eastern edges of Turkey is the city of Erzurum.  Bursting with natural landmarks, historical wonders, with a native cuisine and culture of its own.  Erzurum makes the perfect Turkish winter holiday destination.

Also referred to as the ‘Land of the Dadash’ which means ‘brave men’ the area hosts beautiful snow caped mountains, hot springs, ancient churches, mosques and much more…

The ski slopes of Mount Palandönken offer experienced ski enthusiasts some of the most dramatic slopes in Turkey.  Hot springs are enjoyed over-looking the mountains and ski slopes.

Peak season at the resort starts in late January to early February.

The open-air museum showcases The Çifte Minareli (Double Minaret) and Yakutiye Madrasas, the Osh Vank Church and tombs that are scattered around.

Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s original home is located in the area, along with the building where the historic Congress of Erzurum would meet to discuss the foundations for the Republic.

Not to be missed is the Tortum Waterfall which is the largest in Turkey.

Erzurum is known for its own delicious cuisine, with a rich assortment of dishes.  Pastries, cheeses, kebabs and sweets that originated from Erzurum, and are now served all over Turkey.

Possibly the most famous is the Çağ Kebab, made from marinated lamb which is rotated on a spit.

This is slightly different from the popular döner kebab, the meat is thicker and it is cooked horizontally meaning it keeps in the juices and flavour slightly better.

Sweets such as shredded kadayıf and Burma are well worth a taste.

Erzurum is known for mining the gem stone ebony – which is known as the area’s ‘black gold’.

Hand-made jewellery and prayer beads are carved from the local ebony and sold all over Erzurum.

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