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Advantages of a Turkish Citizenship

14th January 2019

Advantages of a Turkish Citizenship

Applications for Turkish citizenship made in Turkey are processed by the local Nüfüs office (Population and Citizenship Directors).  This will normally be at the local law court building or at the governor’s office building.  If applications are being made outside of Turkey they will be completed at the the Turkish embassy in that country.

Once your documentation is completed you will have an interview to test your level of conversational Turkish.  Your application will be sent to İçisleri Bakanliğı (Ministry of the Interior), for approval.

As a Turkish citizen, you can;

Enter Turkey without a visa

Live in Turkey without needing a residency permit

Work without needing a work permit, in any job you want

Open and operate a business without the requirements levied on foreigners

Buy property without the usual delay caused by a military check

Vote in local and national elections

Contribute to a state-sponsored pension

Receive inexpensive, global heath insurance through Turkey's national healthcare plan

Buy a car as a Turk and not be required to use foreign license plates

Turkish law does not prohibit you from having two nationalities, but some other countries do. Check your own country's laws to see if your government prohibits the holding of two nationalities.

No Name Change is Required

You won't have to change your name to one which sounds Turkish.

Citizenship is no longer given based solely on Turkish descent.

If You are Married to a Turkish Citizen you do not immediately qualify for Turkish citizenship.  Your application is likely to be approved, however the authorities will do checks.  The main reason for this is to ensure that the marriage is legitimate.

Requirements to become a Turkish citizen

You must be of legal age (normally 18) but it is according to the laws of your country.

You must have been married for 3 years and is an ongoing marriage within the accepted conditions.

You must have abstained from acts incompatible with the unity of marriage.

You must not have a disease, or be a health risk to society.

You must not be threat to national security or public order.

You need to prove you have enough income or a profession what will allow you to support yourself whilst living in Turkey.

You must be of good moral character.

Application forms – what is needed?

Passport (translated and notarized)

Birth Certificate

Medical certificate confirming that you are in good health and free of any disease which might endanger public health

Document from the security directorate showing how long you have lived in Turkey, as well as all exits and entries into Turkey

Certification of your ability to speak Turkish (see below)

Four (4) to six (6) passport-size photographs

Marriage certificate (if married to a Turk)*

Identity documents for your spouse and underage children

Note: Any documents obtained from a foreign country must have an apostille, then they must be translated by an official Turkish translator and notarized.

The Application Process

The application process can take up to 12 months.  You will need to ensure your residency permit is up to date until the application is completed.

You will need to go to the Embassy or Consulate for a police records check.  A form will need to be filled in and a document showing how long you have lived in Turkey and entry and exit information will be required.

You will be asked to supply a medical report which you can from a hospital.

Police checks will be made to your home and do a brief interview with you to verify that you and your partner are married.

Once you have passed the relevant checks you will be given and appointment at the Citizenship Directorate/Turkish embassy or consulate.

You will then be interviewed by a panel of officials.  A Turkish verbal language test will be given, there will be a few questions such as the examples listed below.

Where are you from?

When did you come to Turkey?

What is your profession?

Are you working now?

What is your spouse's job?

When did you meet your spouse?

What is your religion?

What do you think of Turkey?

What do you think of the Turkish people?

Who is Atatürk?

If you are married to a Turkish citizen they will be called into the room for a conversation.

The results of the interview will be assessed and processed within 6-12 months.

If you have custody of children, they may also become Turkish citizens if the father consents, or if you go to a Turkish court and get a court order giving them eligibility for Turkish citizenship.

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