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Top tips for an unforgettable experience in Istanbul

24th February 2014

Here is a selection of top tips for an unforgettable experience in one of Turkey’s largest cities, Istanbul.

Marvel at Istanbul’s skyline
Most great cities have signature skylines and Istanbul is no exception.
The seven hills of the Old City are filled with a collection of imperial mosques that offer a visual “wham-bam” unlike any other. Their delicate minarets and distinctive domes dominate the peninsula’s skyline and provide romantic backdrops for diners at terrace restaurants around the Eminönü and Beyoğlu districts.

Bazaar district – Time to loose yourself in shopping
The bazaar district can only be described as ‘chaotic’ and ‘colourful’. And is a place for serious shoppers who like to barter! Take a stroll through the hidden Ottoman hans (caravanserais) and labyrinthine shopping streets and loose yourself in the streets of the bazaar. There are many bargains to be had at Istanbul's historic Bazaar's.

By the shore at Eminönü, street vendors sell everything from fresh fish sandwiches to fake Rolexes.

Experience Istanbul’s ferries
Spanned by two mammoth bridges, the Bosphorus is traversed on a daily basis by thousands of cars, ferries, fishing boats and launches. Travelling in the famous public excursion ferry alongside massive tankers and cargo ships making their way from the Sea of Marmara to the Black Sea certainly makes a memorable day trip.

Wine & dine at İstiklal Caddesi
If your looking for 21st century Turkey, then head over to; İstiklal Caddesi (Independence Ave). On one end you have the extremely busy and bustling Taksim Square, (the symbolic heart of modern İstanbul) And at the other is Galata, home to cobblestone lanes, neat cafés, patisseries and small artsy boutiques.
This part of town retains a slightly louche and laid-back feel. And has an unexpected mix of churches, mosques, shops, hotels and gay hamams (bathhouses). İstiklal is very modern and European.

Sample the flavours of Istanbul
Food here is so much more than just a 'kebab' and dinning out in Istanbul is a pleasure not to be missed!
Turkish cuisine has been refined over the centuries and what makes Turkish food different from other dishes is its rustic and honest base. Seasonal ingredients are always used in preparation and that's what gives Istanbul food is unique and lasting flavours.

The best and tastiest way for understanding Istanbul’s Cuisine is to join a 'Taste Istanbul walking tour' and sample the local food. And best of all, at the end of the day you’ll have a mouthwatering hit list of places to return to. As the Turks say, Afi yet olsun!

Party at a golden mile superclub
İstanbul’s superclubs are as famous for their tough door staff and high prices as they are for their magnificent Bosphorus views. They’re worth it, though. The super chiq strip between Ortaköy and Kuruceşme is home to a host of nightclubs where you can indulgence in luxury – here you can enjoy luxury surroundings, wonderful food, perfect cocktails and a rub shoulders with high flying businessmen, models and celebrities.

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