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A history of Turkish coffee

26th March 2019

An old Turkish motto, ‘a cup of coffee is remembered for forty years’

Turkey has one of the most well known coffee drinking cultures. Throughout history and traditions, coffee plays a significant role in Turkish culture.


For Turks coffee is more thank just a ‘hot drink’ it’s a symbol of friendship and a popular fortune telling tool.


Did you know?

Turkish coffee dates back to the 15th century, and Europeans were introduced to coffee from the ottomans.


Fact - The first ever-coffee shop in the world was opened in the tahtakale neighbourhood in Istanbul.


Marriage Traditions – Salty Coffee

When the groom’s parents visit the bride’s family to ask for the soon-to-be bride’s hand and blessings of her parents, the bride serves Turkish coffee to everyone with sugar but the groom.

The groom takes the coffee with the salt and he has to drink that coffee without making any face or spitting it out. If the groom can drink the whole cup of salty coffee, then it means he has proven his manliness and he is ready to marry her.


Why do they serve coffee with water?

There are two reasons for this, one, it is to determine if the guest is hungry or not. If the water were drunk first, then the host would observe that the guest was hungry and would prepare a meal.

The second reason dates back to the ottoman era. During the Ottoman period the water was used to tell if the coffee had been poisoned. The sultan would pour a little water into the coffee; if it bubbled then it meant that it was poisonous.


Health Benefits


Turkish coffee actually balances the level of cholesterol in the blood. It also reduces the risk of cancer and acts as a painkiller for headaches.




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