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Getting married in Turkey and what you need to know

25th February 2014

A useful step by step guide for getting married in Turkey.

What are the legal requirements for marrying in Turkey?

Marriage is only permitted between a man and a woman

- You must be at least 18 years of age (A person who is aged from 16 years old, may apply to marry with a parent or guardian's consent)

- Close relatives may not marry

- Polygamy is not accepted; monogamy is an essential principle of Turkish family law and anyone currently married may not be legaly married in Turkey

- Women who have been previously married may not remarry until 300 days from the date of that marriage ending.

- Sufferers of mental illnesses judged by health authorities to not have the capacity to understand may not be married

Firstly, you will need to give notice of your intended marriage at your nearest consulate.

Required Documents:

- Certificate of no impediment from the local registrar of marriages. In Turkey you are required to prove that you are single or that you are allowed to marry. * (This may not apply to all nationalities)

- Affidavit/Affirmation

- Full Birth certificate and passport- both translated into Turkish by a certified notary in Turkey or the Turkish embassy or consulate in their count.

- A divorce or death certificate of previous spouse if married before.

- Health certificate: issued following a medical examination at the State Medical Institution (Sağlık Ocağı or Devlet Hastanesi) specified by the chosen registry office.

- Photos: six passport-size photos.

- Deed Poll: if the birth name has been officially change.

- Adoption certificate: if adopted.

- Letter of consent from a parent or guardian: if under 18.

- Accommodation document: If you are a foreign couple not residing in Turkey then you need to provide a letter from the hotel you are staying at stating the duration of stay and departure date.

Please note that for British nationals the marriage procedure has changed - New Marriage Procedures Turkey

Where to apply for The Certificate of No Impediment 

Foreign residents in Turkey: need to request the Certificate of No Impediment from their embassy or local consular office. Once completed, it must be taken to the consular department of the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to be notarised. Note: Please be aware that it can take up to six weeks to issue this document

Non-resident foreigners: need to request the Certificate of No Impediment from their home municipal office. It must be translated into Turkish by a notarised translator and then certified by the Turkish embassy or consulate in that country

The couple intending to marry need to complete a marriage declaration form. (Evlenme Beyannamesi). This form must be completed in Turkish and two copies are required both signed by each person being married. The registry office will provide this form.

Marriage application procedure

The couple wanting to marry must apply in person to the local registry office and submit the marriage declaration form, Certificate of No Impediment/Affidavit of Eligibility and all other documents mentioned above. 

Once a successful application has been made the registry office then certifies all documents and a marriage declarion giving permission to marry is issued. This is valid for six months; the marriage can take place within 48 hours of this licence being issued.

Pre-nuptial agreements (Esler Arasindaki Mal Rejimi)

If pre-nuptial agreements are required then you must consult a lawyer. The agreements can be written after the application to marry has been made.

The Marriage Ceremony

A marriage ceremony held in Turkey can take place at a registry office or any location of the couple's choice providing that the marriage officer considers it appropriate. 

The ceremony for a wedding in Turkey is performed by the registrar in Turkish. However you can elect to use a translator for your ceremony.

Arrange this through the registry office in advance of the wedding. 

Notes: Foreign nationals in Turkey can also get married in their respective consulates if it is possible under their national law. However, if one of the parties is a Turkish citizen, the marriage can only be performed by the Turkish authorities.

During the ceremony the marriage officer will ask each of the couple if they agree to marry the other; after a positive response from both, the marriage is declared made in accordance with the law.

Two witnesses other than the immediate family members and translator are required for the procedure.

A marriage certificate is issued on completion of ceremony and the marriage is recorded.

Validity of a Turkish Marriage 

A marriage in Turkey is legally recognised and binding in most countries however it's recommended to translate and legalise the marriage certificate for use in the home country.

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