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Shipping household goods to Turkey - Finding a trusted service

25th February 2014

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So you want to have your household goods shipped to Turkey?

Introducing our shipping experts; AFC International Home Movers

AFC International provide home moving services from anywhere in the world – to anywhere in the world! And have extensive experience in the transportation of household goods from the UK & Europe to Turkey (and beyond!) 

TURKEY – AFC have got it covered and they have all points covered in Turkey.

AFC’s primarily professional services in Turkey focus on Turkey’s hot spots at Aegean and Mediterranean coasts: Kusadasi, Didim, Bodrum, Marmaris, Dalyan, Fethiye, Kalkan, Antalya, Alanya. 

They also handle moves in the rest of Turkey and Northern Cyprus with the rest of Cyprus.


                                                                    [See free moving tips on the AFC International website]

About AFC
The AFC organization have offices in the USA, Turkey, the Netherlands and the Middle East. They are a certified company and members of the International Shippers Association, International Association of Movers and EURA.

AFC’s home moving experts have been providing International home moving and removal services for over 30 years and their team of experts have over 100 years combined experience in moving household goods and personal effects safely and economically. AFC are one of only a few professional freight-forwarding companies who have the skills and expertise in dealing direct with private clients. By using their commercial shipping and forwarding knowledge and expertise, AFC are able to offer some of the most competitive rates available to over 5,000 worldwide destinations, ports and cities.

For overseas home moving and removal services for private clients, AFC ship your possessions on the world's most reliable shipping lines offering the fastest and safest transit times available to most worldwide locations.

AFC International Home Movers are also experienced in Pet Relocation. Contact for more info

AFC use their expertise and unique packing systems to get your goods shipped and delivered on-time, safely and fully insured for the journey.

Whether you are moving your household belongings across the street, coast to coast or around the world, you can trust AFC Home Movers International LLC to take care of every detail.

AFC will be happy to provide an initial quotation for moving to another country and have tremendous experience regarding the pros & cons of moving their clients' belongings to destinations across mainland Europe to/from Turkey or overseas.

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