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Dental treatment in Turkey - Alanya Dental Center

5th March 2014

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Did you know you could save up to 70% compared to the UK & Europe for dental treatments?

So many people are now choosing Turkey, specifically for its superior and affordable dental services.

With this in mind, the 'perfect Hollywood smile' is not just limited to wealthy movie stars. Instead, everyone can now afford professional cosmetic dentistry and more and more people are opting to travel to Turkey.

After all not everyone is lucky enough to be born with
'pearly-white', perfect teeth nor have the bank balance to pay for expensive UK Dentists.

Instead, people are choosing Turkey for either; affordable dental implants, cosmetic dentistry,  Veneers and all other dental treatments.

Reasons to choose a Dentist in Turkey?

- Dentists in Turkey have the same professional standards as the UK, America and other European countries.

- Turkey has grown into a renowned and trusted cosmetic surgery center in Europe, boasting certified doctors in plastic surgery, medical surgery, laser eye surgery and dental treatments. Turkey has more JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited health care facilities than anywhere outside of the USA. 

- Turkey out ranks the UK, France, Spain and Canada, to name but a few, in terms of qualified surgeons, certified clinics and cosmetic popularity.

Turkey’s high standards
All clinics and hospitals must comply with Turkeys strict codes for the cosmetic sector. Turkeys Ministry of Health regulates all the clinics and hospitals in Turkey, and each must meet the ministry’s high standards and requirements.

Alanya Dental Center is a leading dental surgery located in Alanya. They have state of the art equipment, highly trained & experienced staff and the clinic is very modern and clean. 

Alanya Dental Centre is a member of the Turkish Dental Association and Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry and are certified by the Turkish medical Association, the official governing body of Turkish dental practice. 

The dentists are fluent English speaking and have been trained to the same high standards as the UK and Europe.
Alanya Dental Center are also fluent in the following languages; Norwegian, Danish, Russian, Arabic, Bulgarian, Swedish, Finnish and German language.

Alanya Dental Centre offer Savings of up to 70% compared to the UK, USA and Europe.

What treatments do Alanya Dental Centre offer?

Dental Implantation

Oral Surgery


Conservative Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry for Children

Prosthetic dentistry


All dentists from Alanya Dental Center are members of the Turkish Dental Association ( TDB ). 

Packages - Accommodation and Transfers
Alanya Dental Centre offer their clients accommodation and transfer packages. For more information, please contact Alanya Dental

Free Pick-Up Service from all hotels in Alanya.

Free Check up and Free Cosmetic Consultation.

% 10 Discount of all treatments including cosmetic Ones.


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