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9 Must see places in Istanbul

9th March 2014

Istanbul will offer you a once in a lifetime experience. 

Here’s our list of ‘9 must see places’ in Istanbul: -

Hagia Sophia
Hagia Sophia is one of Istanbuls most popular landmarks.

The Hagia Sophia was originally built as a church. Then later it was converted to a mosque, it remained this way for five centuries until Mustafa Kemal Ataturk (Turkeys first president) transformed the building into a museum in1935.
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The Sultan Ahmed Mosque (Blue Mosque)
The Sultanahmet Mosque is one of Istanbuls most famous landmarks and a spectacular place to visit. The historical Sultanahmet mosque is better known as the Blue Mosque due to the high ceilings which are lined with over 20,000 blue tiles.
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Topkapi Palace
Topkapi Palace was the seat of the Ottoman Empire for more than three centuries and is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Many Muslim holy relics, including; ‘Muhammed’s cloak and sword’ are safely kept inside the palace. 
Overlooking the Bosphorus strait, the palace offers a amazing insight into the opulent lifestyle of the sultans.

The Bosphorus
Separating Asia and Europe, the Bosphorus is one of the most exclusive areas of Istanbul. 
(it is also referred to as the Istanbul Strait)

The Bosphorus scenery is truly amazing and you can enjoy fresh fish in one of the exquisite restaurants along the shores.

Binbirdirek Cistern
The Binbirdirek Cistern or Cistern of Philoxenos is the oldest cistern in Istanbul and dates back to the fourth century. The reservoir has a surface area of 3640 m2 and a storing capacity of 40 000 m3 of water. It has seen many uses over the years and it now functions as a charming cultural attraction.

Grand Bazaar
The Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest and largest historical bazaars in the world. It was founded by Mehmet II (Istanbul’s first Ottoman ruler) and hosts over 3000 shops (antique dealers, jewelers, bag makers, leather shops, carpet sellers, etc) on 61 covered streets. Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar attracts between 250 000 and 400 000 visitors each day.
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Dolmabahçe Palace
Dolmabahçe Palace was the personal residence of Turkey’s founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. (link) The Palace is located in the Beşiktaş district of Istanbul, on the European coastline of the Bosphorus strait and served as the main administrative centre of the Ottoman Empire.

Istanbul Modern
The Istanbul Museum of Modern Art is located in a converted warehouse on the Bosphorus in the Tophane neighborhood. The Istanbul Modern is Turkey’s first private museum to organise modern and contemporary art exhibitions and was founded in 2004. It occupies an 8000 square meter site on the shores of the Bosphorus.

Beyoglu is home to Istanbul’s culture and entertainment centre and at the heart of this large district is Istiklal Street and is packed with theatres, restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs. Its bright lights attract almost every visitor to Istanbul. 
Cicek Pasaji or Flower Passage is a famous historic passage on Istiklal Street and is famous for its meyhanes and live music.

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