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Transferring money from the UK to Turkey and beyond! – Save money and get the best rates

11th March 2014

Transferring money from the UK to Turkey has never been easier and whether you want to transfer money to your bank account in Turkey or to anywhere in the world, you can rely on First Remit to give you the most competitive rates! 

And if you’re still wondering why you should choose First Remit over the other guys, have a look at the figures below. 


Here is a price comparison with other money transfer companies

Exchange Rate:
Money Gram - 1 GBP = 3.518 TRY 

Western Union - 1 GBP = 3.6 TRY 

First Remit - 1 GBP = 3.71 TRY – Best Rates
Money Gram 13.90 GBP
Western Union 12.90 GBP
First Remit 3 GBP – Cheapest Fees
Total Cost:
Money Gram 513.90 GBP
Western Union 512.90 GBP
First Remit 503 GBP
Receiver Gets:
Money Gram 1759.27 GBP
Western Union 1800.77 GBP
First Remit 1843.97 GBP – Get much more!

Rate and fees accurate as of March 3, 2014, 10:00 AM.
When comparing First Remit to both MoneyGram and Western Union, First Remit beats the competition by the fee, rate, total send amount and total amount the receiver gets.

So there you have it. Send money abroad with First Remit and you’ll save up to 85 TRY!  

What can 85 TRY get you in Turkey? If you like Starbucks, that’s ten and a half lattes. If you fancy a weekend getaway, that’s a round trip bus fare from Istanbul to Kusadasi. Maybe you’d like to treat your friends to çay at your local watering hole: that’s about 42 cups of tea!

But the savings don’t stop there! You'll get a better exchange with First Remit vs your own bank!

So what are you waiting for? Next time you have to send money from Turkey or the UK to just about anyone, anywhere, choose First Remit. Contact us for more information.

First Remit services:-

- Safe & Secure money transfer to Turkey

- Premium transfers can be completed in as little as 45 minutes

- Standard service transfer time is 1-3 working days
- You can send money to anyone. That might be a person, a company, or your own overseas account.

Don't forget to mention 'YellAli' - No transfer fee - exclusively for YellAli members

Contact First Remit or email

Happy Transferring!

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