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Fun cultural facts about Turkey

13th March 2014

Fun cultural facts about Turkey

Turkey has 65 million inhabitants of whom 47% live in the countryside

When visiting a Turkish friends house…..
Remember to take off your shoes when you enter a Turkish home. It is consider disrespectful to enter a Turkish home wearing your shoes.

What do Turkish brides do the night before their wedding day?
This is known as "Henna Night" - the bride and her friends will celebrate by decorating their hands with henna and perform traditional dances. Refreshments, such as; assorted nuts, tea and soft drinks, will also be served.

Are you invited for dinner?
Try not to leave before midnight, as leaving early would mean they where not good hosts. After all, Turkish people enjoy having long visits and the children's bed time can be overlooked! 

Food and Turkish neighbors -
Offering your neighbors food and sharing is very important for Turkish people and this type of generosity is also extended to the metropolitan areas. 
As the Turkish saying goes: "You can't sleep full when your neighbor is hungry"

And if your Turkish neighbor offers you food - What should you do with the bowl?
Give the bowl back but fill it with any kind of food you have prepared. Showing off your culinary skills is a must; never send a bowl or plate back empty!

Tea, Tea and again more Tea!

Tea is a very important part of Turkish culture and during a visit, tea is served and glasses are refilled constantly. If you do not say no or indicate you don’t want any more tea, any Turkish host would continue to fill your tea glass.

If you don’t want any more tea, leave your teaspoon lying on the tea glass.

All Muslim Turkish boys are circumcised - "Now you will be a real man!"

The circumcision celebrations are very important for Turkish people and the father of the boy will often give small gifts to all those attending the operation. 
The term "Masallah" (may God preserve you from evil) is written on the boy's hat and lot of presents are given to the boy. 

What would a traditional Turkish breakfast consist of?
Turkish breakfast often consist of; Cheese, honey, black olives, butter, tomatoes, cucumbers, bread, tea. Eggs, homemade cherry or strawberry jam, green peppers, clotted cream, gozleme (thin pastry cooked on a thin sheet of metal, filled with potatoes, cheese, minced meat or spinach), sucuk (Turkish sausage which is very spicy and usually hot) are also kinds of food frequently eaten at breakfast

Turkish Public holidays
January 1st; April 23rd; May 19th; three days for Ramadan and four days for Kurban or Eid (dates vary according to the Muslim calendar); August 30th; October 28th (half-day); October 29th

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