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Holidays to Turkey and what you need to know

16th March 2014

Millions of people visit Turkey each year with the vast majority choosing the seaside resorts. 

The Aegean and Mediterranean coasts, including;  Bodrum, Fethiye, Marmaris, Kuşadası, Çeşme, Didim and Alanya are among the most popular choices, with the most visitors traveling from; The UK, Germany, Russian and the Netherlands.

So if you are choosing Turkey this year, here are some good tips you need to know;

Visa – Entry Visa

All foreign visitors coming to Turkey need to obtain an entry visa. This allows you to visit Turkey for a total of 90 days in every 180. 

You can obtain an entry visa upon arrival into Turkey or via online - E-visa* (*recommended –
Please see; Visa fees at Turkish Airports & Online e-Visa

Turkey's Climate
Turkey’s highest temperatures for;

May 70.8F,
June 79.1F,
July 85.1F,
August 85.1F
September 79.2F   

Turkey’s best beaches
Turkey’s best beaches are; Olu Deniz Beach - Fethiye, Patara Beach – Antalya,
Lara beach – Antayla, Bodrum Peninsula & Side, Antayla

Hidden gem - Gemiler Beach
It's hard to believe that Gemiler Beach is located a short distance from the very popular Olu Deniz beach. 
Gemiler is rarely crowded and can be reached by boat or a bus ride from Hisaronu - Fethiye

Best places to travel too with young children
Most of the hotels in Turkey cater for families and small children, with facilities including; kid pools, play grounds and kids activity groups. 
Best places to go to:- Olu Deniz, Marmaris, Alanya, Bodrum & Side

Costs - Dining out

Turkey is very cheap compared to the UK & Europe. For example;

Dining out in a reasonable restaurant, ordering a 3 course meals with wine - will cost around 100tl for 2 people. 

Alcoholic beverages: - Cocktails 10-15tl, local beer 6tl, wine – 25-60 tl per bottle

Main meal 15 - 25tl, Desserts – 10tl, Starters – 10 -15tl

Drinking alcohol
Drinking alcohol is not forbidden or band in Turkey. Although, imported alcohol tends to be more expensive in Turkey because it is highly taxed.

Dress code
When staying in a resort hotel it is acceptable to ‘dress as you feel comfortable’ (i.e. bikini, shorts and short dresses etc) 
However, when traveling into the main towns to shop or to eat out, it is more appropriate to dress moderately.

When visiting mosques you should take off your shoes at the entrance and ladies should cover their hair; often scarves are provided on the way in. Both sexes should dress modestly with no shorts and arms and shoulders covered during visits to mosques.
Please see:- Do’s and Don’ts when visiting a Mosque in Turkey

Hiring a car
For car hire you will need to show your driving license (a credit card may be required), together with your passport. 

Most car hire companies will offer full insurance within the daily cost. However, please note; wheels & windows are often not included.

Carry your i.d
In tourist areas this is not required, but if you are traveling around Turkey it is compulsory for everybody to produce a form of identity on request. 
If you are driving for long distances or traveling by coach or train in Turkey you will need to carry your id.

Your Safety

Interpol ranks Turkey as one of the safest holiday destination in Europe. 

When traveling in any country though, do be careful with your personal possessions when out and about and never leave items unattended.

Enjoy your Holiday 

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