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Why visit Turkey for Dental Treatment?

24th March 2014

Are you looking for cost effective and trusted dental treatment? Turkey is fast becoming a leader in this field.

Dentistry is one of the most popular types of planned treatment for UK, and German residents travelling abroad for treatment.

Private healthcare is affordable in comparison to Western expectations and many people now travel to Turkey to take advantage of this.

However, in the media now, there is so much about the risks of dental treatments outside the UK.

So how do you ensure you find the best clinic?

Well, the first thing you must consider is to only go to a country, which has legislated standards of dental professionalism.
Turkey is one of these.

The Turkish Dental industry is fast becoming renowned for providing quality dental products and high standards of services,
whilst adhering to strict national and international regulations.

The expertise and professionalism of dentists in Turkey are no different to any other developed country that has high standards of healthcare.

Professional Training
To become a professional Dental practitioner in Turkey, students first need to study for five years in a Faculty of Dentistry. After which time they can choose to become a specialist in a particular area of dentistry. After graduating from medical school, if a student wants to become a dental surgeon then they must first sit various exams.

The Turkish medical Association regulates all dental clinics and hospitals in Turkey.
They cannot practice without meeting the ministry’s high standards and requirements and a Dentist in Turkey cannot practice without becoming a member of the Turkish Dental Association.

This also applies to cosmetic dentistry, which is regulated by the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, which each cosmetic dentist in Turkey must be a member of.

So, if you are looking for a Turkish dentist ensure they are a member of Turkish Dental Association or Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry and are certified by the Turkish medical Association, the official governing body of Turkish dental practice.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Turkey is incredibly cost effective. The Financial benefits do not mean the quality of treatment is any way compromised. The products used by Dentists in Turkey must meet strict international standards.

With prices up to 70% lower compared to other leading EU countries, one may ask;
Why are dental treatments so much cheaper in Turkey? 

- Well, its simply because the low cost of living and labor.

How much is dental treatment in Turkey?

Also the currency used in Turkey (the Turkish Lira) is weaker compared to the Euro, Pound and Dollar.

Remember, before you decide to visit a dentist in Turkey, you can contact them first to discuses you requirements and get a free price quote for the services you need.

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