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Turkey Tours - Turkey's hot spots to add to your bucket list

2nd April 2014

As the summer of 2014 approaches many of us will start to think about where we would like to spend our holidays this year.

This, then, seems a good time to shed some light on a few of the unexpectedly delightful places in Turkey.

Turkey, a beautiful ancient land and a must see tourist destination. It is a unique mix of European and Arabic cultures –without having to travel to the other side of the world. 

For those who enjoy a cultural adventure and a chance to marvel at the historic wonders of the ancient world then YellAli have some great tour ideas for you.

Cappadocia – Known even in ancient times, as Cappadocia is Turkey's most bizarre landscape.

Take a hot air balloon trip, especially on lovely summer morning its well worth it and the balloon will give you the chance to observe the whole moonscape area at one glimpse.

A must see place to explore and worth going out of your way to visit. View Cappadocia Tours

Ephesus - One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The ruins that are visible give some idea of the city's original splendor, and the names associated with the ruins are evocative of its former life. Walking around Ephesus is like a step back in time, this ancient city is so well preserved and restored that it gives you a clear insight into how this ancient city would have looked and felt. View Ephesus Tours

Bodrum Castle - Bodrum’s famous castle is an impressive example of medieval architecture.

The compound of the castle is fascinating with it's courtyards, gardens, hamam, mosque and the incredible views from the castle walls.

The castle is in excellent condition, it now houses one of the world's finest museums (with exhibits on underwater archaeology). View Bodrum Tours

Underground cistern Istanbul- there are many of them in Istanbul but two of them have been restored beautifully and are open for visitors.

Binbirdirek Sarnici :( cistern) meaning 1001 columns. It is the oldest one in Istanbul and has been restored in the year 2002. It holds today 212 of the once 224 columns. It is located in the district of Fatih close to the Blue Mosque.
Yerebatan Sarnici: (cistern) it is the largest of all cisterns, the base of two columns displaying the head of Medusa. The cistern is illuminated with a soft lightshow and classical music. 1963 the cistern was used as apart of the James Bond Film “From Russia with Love”. It is located in the district of Fatih, close to the blue mosque. View Istanbul Tours

Sometimes we all just need to relax and enjoy ourselves with some peace and quiet.  These destinations offer just that.

The princess islands, Istanbul -. No cars are allowed here, just horse-drawn carriages. Many people visiting Istanbul come to the islands, enjoying the peace and tranquility.  The islands offer lovely quaint restaurants and some have small hotels for overnight visits. The natural beauty on each of the islands is breath taking.

Olu Deniz, Fethiye - Mugla- The world famous Oludeniz resorts whose name is translated as” the dead sea” is a bustling tourist resort that oozes, charm, style and cool ambiance.

A beach that has been rated as one of the top 5 beaches in the world; by travellers and tourism journalists alike.

The beaches, bays and hidden coves in this Turkish resort are postcard picture perfect and no one should dare stay in this resort without venturing to one its many sandy beaches.

Gocek, Fethiye - Mugla -The small peaceful coastal town of Gocek is located 30 km (19 miles) out of Fethiye. The beautiful town serves as a luxury sailing port which holds six marinas which serve the many yachts visiting the area.

Göcek is a Registered Area of Special Protection; therefore the area is of un-spoilt natural beauty. In Gocek you will only find small two-storied boutique hotels and apartment hotels situated in and around the town center.
Göcek is renowned as a much quieter place in comparison to some other nearby tourism areas; it is a perfect place to just relax and unwind.

Belek - Enjoy a spot of golf? Then Belek is for you. An international holiday resort with modern luxury hotels and has become a premier golfing center in Turkey, boasting over eight championship golf courses, catering for every level of player.

All destinations, however, offer something that intrigues, thrills and captivates those lucky enough to see them. 

For more tours in Turkey, whether it is with a focus on cultural, biblical, adventure or relaxation, for independent and group travel contact YellAli


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