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Cappadocia, hot air balloon ride - Try something new

13th April 2014

Why not try something new on your next visit to Turkey ?.....

Like a hot air balloon ride ?

Discover the stunning landscape of the Cappadocia region of Turkey from a hot-air balloon! – (Invented in 1776 the hot air balloons found a home in Cappadocia)

This region of Turkey is renowned for its cave dwellings and underground attractions, but the view from the air is an experience not to be missed! 

Thanks to its outstandingly beautiful landscapes and great weather conditions, this truly is the perfect location for a hot-air balloon flight and there is no doubt that the landscape of Cappadocia is unique. With it’s Cave houses and magnificent rock formations, it’s no wonder Cappadocia is a top holiday destination for tourists visiting Turkey.

A hot air balloon is a great platform for viewing the volcanic formations off the landscape and the wind streams flowing through the valley create the perfect conditions in which to fly. The balloon travels in existing air streams so there is no motion  - it’s easy to forget that your feet are firmly off the ground.

For one to fully explore the region on foot would take many months as there are too many valleys and separate towns  - the best way to see it all is from the air. One can admire the beautiful scenery of tall, volcanic rock spires and high plateaus during your flight.

As you lift up over the stunning landscape, you can enjoy panoramic views of Cappadocia, from more than 3,281 feet (1,000 meters) above sea level.

Is it safe?
Hot air ballooning is one of the safest forms of flying and serious accidents are extremely rare.

Pilot training
Pilots are trained to a very high standard and to pilot a hot air balloon in Cappadocia two licenses are need - The first is the Private Pilot’s License (PPL) 100 hours and second is a Commercial Pilot’s License (CPL) 100 hours

To get this, pilots must first take a 3 month class in which the first month is in a classroom and the second and third months involve time in a balloon. 

Next they take a 2 month course and complete another 100 hours in bigger balloons. Once they finish this second 100 hours they have to pass a test. The total process takes around 15 months.

How to Book?

If you are interested in booking a ride or learning more about tour prices, please see the below link:-

Cappadocia - hot air balloon ride

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