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Top things to see and do in Antalya, Turkey

19th April 2014


Hadrian's Gate

Hadrian's Gate is one of Antalya's famous city icons and is located along the main Atatürk Street in Kaleiçi. (old Antalya).
The gate is known locally as “Üçkapılar” (meaning 3 gates - because of its 3 arch gates) and was built in honor of Roman Emperor Hadrian who visited Antalya during the year 130.
Visitors can climb up the stairs of the two towers (on the sides of the gate) and marvel at the beautiful stonework and architecture.
The gate is still in use as a gate! and leads into Kaleiçi and Hesapçı Sokak, where you can find several pensions, boutique hotels and restaurants.

Düden Waterfalls

Düden Waterfalls is truly magnificent! And is approximately 14 km northeast from the centre of Antalya. The waterfalls are 20 metres high and the location of the waterfalls is beautifully rich & green with a variety of plants. 

Top tip: Enter ‘Dilek Magarasi’ (Cave of Wishes), located underneath the waterfalls, where you can walk behind the rushing cascade and sit and admire the might and splendor of the waterfalls from inside the catacombs.

Antalya museum

For those who enjoy rich archeological history, Antalya Museum (Antalya Müzesi) is definitely worth a visit.
The museum has an outstanding collection of Hellenistic and Roman artifacts, which have been donated by local archeological sites.
The museum is open every daily (except Mondays)

Terra City Shopping center

Terra City is the largest shopping center in Antalya and has a mixture of national and international brands and stores. The food court has many restaurants and cafes and includes some of the world’s largest fast food chains.

Terra City is located in Lara, one of the most prestigious regions of Antalya City has become the most attractive living center of Antalya with 150 stores and 30 restaurants and brings a new dimension into the shopping concept.


Antalya has many good restaurants which serve a whole variety of cuisines. 
You can find traditional Turkish food, to Chinese and Italian Restaurants. 
Top tip: Try the fish restaurants along the coast of Muratpaşa. Restaurants in Antalya

Konyaaltı Beach (Konyaaltı Plaji)
Konyaaltı Beach - a blue-flagged beach, is one of Antalya’s two main beaches (the other one is Lara) The beach is located on the western side of the city and stretches for 7 km from the cliffs to the Beydağları mountains.

The entire area is warm and comfortable all year around. - Enjoy the sand on endless Konyaalti beach.

Karaalioglu Park & Hıdırlık Tower
Karaalioglu Park is a large park in Antalya and is just south of Kaleiçi in the city center. The park is easily reached on foot or by tram and bustling with visitors during the summer months.
Hıdırlık Tower is a landmark tower of Antalya and is located where Kaleiçi meets Karaalioglu Park. It is believed that the ruling Roman Empire built it in the second century CE on a square plan. Well worth a visit!

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