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Top things to see and do in Alanya, Turkey

1st May 2014

Along the Turkish Mediterranean coast lies the beautiful and modern resort of Alanya. 
(Alanya is approx. 1 and ½ hour drive from Antalya city center)

What to do in Alanya, Turkey?…….

Kızılkule / Red Tower
The Red Tower (Kızılkule) is often seen as a symbol of Alanya and if you want to reach the top of the tower, be prepared for a steep climb. There is approx. 85 high stone stairs to ascend before you can admire the beautiful panoramic view of the harbor and city centre. 
Once at the top, the views are amazing and well worth the climb.

The Red Tower was completed in 1226 and was originally built to protect the harbor and shipyard from enemy attacks.

Aspendos, Side
The ancient city of Aspendos is a marvelous place to visit and has one of the World's best-preserved antic theatres. (You will be amazed by the acoustics of this theatre!) More about Aspendos, Side
Aspendos was originally an ancient Greek city before being taken over by the Romans. The Aspendos theatre was built in the 1st century AD

top tip: Don’t forget to check out the Apollo Temple and see the wonderful nature of the Kursunlu Waterfalls.  

Dim Çayi
The Dim River (Dim Çayı) is a popular tourist destination and has many riverside restaurants and tourist facilities. You can enjoy traditional Turkish food on one of the many Restaurants 'floating tables' in the River. The whole place is amazing and it great fun for all the family. 
Other facilities include; Slides, diving boards, rafts, and a swimming area. 

Enjoy the tranquility of Dim cayi, surrounded by mountains and adorned with wildlife.

Cleopatra Beach
Cleopatra Beach is the western beach of Alanya and is named after Queen Cleopatra of Egypt. According to mythology; Queen Cleopatra, stopped in Alanya during her voyage and swam in this bay.
Cleopatra beach offers a large number of activities and food and drink amenities are also available. It has a Blue Flag and the beach is sandy, However it’s most special feature is that the clearness of its water. Anyone looking for a long swimming coarse can swim along the coast to Fosforlu Cave under the peninsula. 

It costs just 4 Euros to rent 2 sun beds and 1 sunshade - There is no need to reserve or order these in advance.

Alanya Castle / İç Kale
Alanya Castle is like an open-air museum with its almost 6.5 km long walls, about 140 bastions, approximately 400 cisterns inside it and glorious gates with inscriptions and decorations. The walls begin at the Red Tower (Kızılkule) and pass through Ehmedek, Inner Castle (İç Kale), Adam Atacağı, the section above the Cilvarda promontory, Arap Evliyası (Arab Saint) bastion, Esat bastion, Tophane (arsenal) and Tersane (shipyard) before ending at the Red Tower.

Alanya Water Planet Aquapark
Enjoy a day of fun, action, and adventure with admission to Alanya's Water Planet Aquapark. Try out 24 different slides, ride through the lazy river and hang out in the wave pool.

The whole family can have fun with unlimited use of water park's 24 slides, splash in the wave pool and enjoy the views of the sea.
Lunch, drinks and ice cream can all be purchased at the park.
Visit Alanya Water Planet Aquapark - Day Pass with Lunch

Alanyum Shopping Center

If you love to shop, then check out Alanya’s biggest shopping center “Alanyum” – Alanya’s first indoor shopping centre (opened in 2006) It has over 50 stores including a cinema, food hall, children’s activity centre and supermarket.

At the top floor there is a food court and a play center for children.

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