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How to avoid mosquito bites in Turkey

24th June 2014

Mosquitos are mostly seen during the summer months when the warm weather provides the perfect breeding ground for these pesky creatures.

But fear not, there are many different things you can do to avoid getting bitten during your holiday to Turkey and as the saying goes "Prevention is better than cure"

o here are some useful tips to avoid getting bitten this summer;

1. Stay clean
Mosquitos are attracted to body odor and sweat, so to avoid attracting unnecessary attention from mosquitoes always stay clean.

2. Avoid Sweet smelling fragrances & perfumes
Female mosquitoes will often feed on 'flower nectar' when not trying to reproduce - so to avoid attracting more biters cut-out
sweet-smelling fragrances in soap, shampoo, and body lotion.

3. Spray on mosquito repellent

This is widely used to repel biting pests and is very effective. 'Spray on' mosquito repellents are widely available in chemists throughout Turkey.

4. Mosquito nets
If you are staying in a place with a mosquito net, please do use it! But do check for holes.

5. Cover up
Although the hot climate usually dictates otherwise, the most natural way to prevent mosquito bites is to expose as little skin as possible.

cover exposed skin and if you are outside at a time of day when insects are particularly active, ( sunrise or sunset ) cover your skin by wearing long sleeves and trousers.

6. Close all windows & doors at night
Make a habit of closing your bathroom window as even small amounts of standing water will give mosquitos a better chance to breed.
Remember to keep doors and windows closed or put thin netting or door beads over them to prevent insects getting inside the house. 
Also keep the windows of your car closed to stop insects getting inside.

7. Use a plug-in mosquito repellant
A plug-in mosquito repellant is a liquid vapour that kills mosquitos. Plug-in insect repellants can be purchased from most chemists for approx. 20 Turkish Lira (8 GBP) and is a very affective method of repelling mosquitos whilst you sleep.

Top Tip : If your already bitten & itchy
If you have already been bitten and are suffering from itchy bites, all you have to do is heat up a metal spoon under hot tap water and press it directly against the bite. Hold it tight against your skin for a couple of minutes, and when you take it off, the itch should be gone for good.

When mosquitoes bite you, they inject proteins under your skin to keep your blood from clotting. It's this protein that causes you to itch, but it can't survive at the moderately high temperatures a hot spoon can create.

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