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Tax free shopping in Turkey

14th July 2014

Did you know you could claim back tax when purchasing goods in Turkey?

When purchasing items such as clothing, jewelry, watches, food and drink, homeware, electronics and art, you can claim back the tax from the airport on your return journey.

You can do this by using a free card (membership) to the Global Blue Scheme and wherever you see the “Global Blue” logo that’s where you can use your card to get tax free shopping. On purchasing an item, you simply present your Global Blue card and you will be given a receipt, which you need to present at the airport to claim a cash refund.

Infact your not only limited to Turkey, you can use this in most countries around the world. Whether you’re a frequent international shopper or planning a special trip abroad, you can easily save money by shopping tax free.

A Global Blue Card allows you to claim your tax savings without the hassle of filling in Tax Free Forms, each time you buy something. With a swipe of your card all your details will automatically be filled out on your Tax Free Form which is then printed out for you by the sales assistant.

Global Blue works with around 270,000 stores worldwide so you can enjoy the benefits at participating shops – saving up to 19% in tax rebates.

How much can I save?
You can calculate your savings by using the online tax free shopping calculator

How much is the joining fee?
Nothing it's free to join.

Where can I shop?
Here is a list of Major stores in Istanbul offering tax free refund:-

Istanbul tax free shopping

(Not traveling to Istanbul? Check with the retailer and ask if they participate in tax free shopping - most big stores do!)

Look for stores displaying Global Blue Tax Free Shopping signage in the window.

Present your Global Blue Card to the shop assistant.

Your personal details will be automatically filled out on the Tax Free Form.

Remember: Incomplete Tax Free Form = No refund

At the airport please allow enough time for the refund process before your flight departs.

Before you check in for your flight, go to the Customs desk and present your completed Tax Free Form, passport, receipts and purchases to get a stamp* on your form.

Make sure the goods are unused. Don’t pack them away in your check-in luggage as you will need to show them to the Customs Officer.

Go to the Refund counter displaying a Global Blue logo.

Present your stamped, completed Tax Free Forms to receive the refund in cash or to credit card.

NB: The refund you receive is the VAT minus Global Blue’s handling fee.

Who is eligible for Tax Free Shopping in Turkey

● If you have a permanent residence outside Turkey and have not spent more than 6 months in Turkey

● If you are older than 18 years.

VAT Rate
Standard rates:
Textiles and clothes, leather goods, carpets, shoes, bags, optics, books, food: 8%

Accessories, electronics, watches, sunglasses, cosmetics, porcelain/ceramics and homeware: 18%

Minimum purchase amount
100.00 TRY+VAT

Tax Free goods
Refunds are paid on all goods that are exported in the traveller’s personal luggage.

Tax Free Form

● The Form is valid 3 month from the export date.

● The Form must be duly stamped by Turkish official customs within 3 months following the date when the Form was issued.

● The Form must have the printed stamp of the Ministry of Finance and the invoice number in red.

Refund Offices
Antalya Terminal 1, Antalya Terminal 2, Adana, Ankara, Aydın, Bodrum, Edirne, Istanbul/Ataturk Airport,
Istanbul/ Sabıha Gokcen Airport, Istanbul City, Izmir, Kayseri, Mersin, Mugla, Mugla City, Trabzon

Get your free card;
Register for free at Global Blue

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