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Expat life in Turkey – pros and cons

20th May 2013 , Batman, Batman

Living in the sun was my optimum aim in life; I could not bear another cold winter in the UK.
So I went for it and decided to live my dream.

I’d been to Turkey many times and loved the landscape, food, beach time, sunshine and culture and the sun (oops, did I already mentioned that).

I’d also managed to find a job here, with a travel company, so I was pretty much set.
Turkey is great place to live as the cost of living is cheaper than Europe and you can immerse yourself in a new culture whilst still enjoying the perks of British food and lifestyle through expat communities.

Many English people (expats) buy holiday homes here and this means that most tourist resort areas have a high population of Brits who have either retired here or just come here to make a life in the sun.
My group of friends are originally from various parts of the globe including the UK, America, Canada and Russia (we’re a right mixed bag).

I also have few great Turkish friends too.
Sometimes we joke that we should audition for a United Colours of Benetton advert!
But we all have one thing in common - we love the sun and the lifestyle we’ve got in Turkey.

And what’s not to love about living in a beautiful place, complete with a swank marina, a plethora of beaches and oodles of sunshine!

For me, sometimes it feels like it’s a permanent holiday and other days it really doesn’t.
I still have do all the normal stuff, like get my food shopping in, do my housework and work, (work and work) I am definitely not on holiday.

But when I do have time for myself, I cannot grumble at my choices of “things to do”.
Let’s see, go to the beach and read and book and drink a cold beer, go shopping (in the sun), enjoy a glass of wine by the marina, or escape up into the mountains to watch the sunset!

But there are some lows to living here too (scratches head). Ah yes, there are some cultural differences (that take abit of getting used to).
The language barrier for one (I need to learn more Turkish). I am getting there slowly and I know my key terms, how much is that, I live here, no thanks, yes, no, where is that, my name is etc, etc.

You also have to get used to the odd power cut and an overall slower pace of life which is not helpful if you need something sorted in a hurry (let’s not go there).

And sometimes Turkish people assume you’re on holiday so they “try” and charge you a tourist price for stuff.
For me the highs very much outweigh the lows; live is pretty darn sweet.

I’ll never regret coming to sample life under the Turkish sun!

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