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Living in Turkey - Why you chose to retire to Turkey

3rd September 2014

You fell in love with the country, even though your family thought your were mad and your friends were envious, you made the decision and went for it. And now you can relax and enjoy your new life in Turkey.
So what prompted the change?...
1) The weather
Ok lets start with the obvious, no more depressing grey days, now that your living in beautiful sunny Turkey, its clear blue skies for you. Your friends are moaning about the cold and frost back home in Manchester and your resting on your balcony with a cold Efes admiring the clear blue skies. Take a cheeky pic and put it on facebook, – ‘no frost here!’ :-) yep...your really popular now!
2) The laid back lifestyle
Your done with the rat race, no longer do you feel uptight. Forget all the stresses and complaints of back home. You start to become more like the locals, time…what time?? The guy who has come to fit your curtains turns up at 10pm, problem yok, all part of the fun of Turkey.
Before you would have winced at witnessing someone welding with no goggles on, now you can laugh at the lack of health and safety!
3) Out door living
How did I ever live without a balcony?! You love your BBQ's, swimming pool and long walks with your newly rescued street dog.
4) Feeling healthier
The warmer climate just makes you feel better.
If you suffer from psoriasis and other skin related disorders they will significantly improve. The Mild temperatures will also lead to significant decreases in respiratory diseases, as well as improvements to knee pain and relief from severe arthritic issues.
5) Turkish holidays/customs
You have a respect for how patriotic the Turkish people are and you love to see their flag proudly displayed everywhere during holidays & festivals. (Hmmm why can’t our country be more like that.)
You enjoy joining in and visiting your Turkish friends who welcome you to their homes during these celebrations.
6) Making new friends
You now find yourself surrounded by like-minded people, all with the same dreams as you. It is good to meet fellow expats and share one another’s experiences. You enjoy your new social life and have embraced meeting different types of people you may not have met back home.
7) Summer vacation visits
You never knew you were so popular, your friends, family, children and grandchildren all pile over to spend time with you. Its great to be able to share the restaurants you like to dine in and show your guests the new exciting places you have discovered. You can also show off your new Turkish language skills too! Everyone will be impressed!
8) Property
You’ve sold your small semi and now you have a beautiful villa with your own swimming pool, and yet still have money in the bank.
9) Fresh Produce
Before you were only used to seeing your fruit in a packet, and now you have your own fruit trees and proud of them!
“Fresh pomegranate juice anyone?”
You enjoy going to the local market buying fresh fruit and veg. Now you have become quite an expert on what fruit and veg is in season.
10) Cheaper living costs
It no longer costs you 'an arm and a leg' to put your heating on; in fact you hardly need it! Your electric, water, land tax bills are a fraction of what they once was.

Off course its not all plain sailing, you have probably had your fair share of ups and downs and been frustrated by the bureaucracy here in Turkey but overall Turkey is a glorious place to live and your happy you made the leap and followed your dreams.

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