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Living in Istanbul - Apps you can't live without

9th September 2014

These handing apps will make life so much easyier while living in Istanbul. 

IBB Cep Traflk : IBB Trafik This app shows live traffic info with a nice color scheme (green=no traffic, orange=slow but moving traffic, red=you’re running really late if you use this route). It also has road work info, live camera feeds, and the estimated amount of traffic in the next 15-60 minutes. No Istanbulite leaves his/her home without checking IBB Trafik. 

Metro Ulasim or Metro Istanbul: guides to the underground system Deniz Otobusu- times and routes for the ferries 

Deniz Taksi: order your private water transport/taxi 

Bitaksi: call a taxi app 

Hareket Saati: times for buses, trains. ferries 

Nerede bu Otobus or Istanbul Otobus Duraklari: Istanbul bus stops and routes and times Taksimetre- tells you how much you should be paying for a taxi from point A to point B. shows you the most direct route, and gives you the numbers of taxi stands closest to you. 

Karayollari Haritasi (Highway Map): name says it all 

Sehlrler Arasl mesafesl: calculates the distance between Turkish towns. 



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