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Importing a car into Turkey

24th October 2014

Importing a foreign vehicle into Turkey is not always a straightforward process. For some it can become a difficult and even an impossible task.

There are certain guidelines from ‘Turing’ automobile club of Turkey, which provide details of importing your foreign vehicle into Turkey. 

You are given two options;
A temporary import or an import of up to 2 years.

These are as follows:

Importing your car into Turkey for less than 6 monthsYou can temporarily import your vehicle into Turkey for a maximum of 6 months. (in a 12 month period)
After this time, the vehicle must leave for at least six months.  Afterwards, the same vehicle can then be brought back into Turkey. BUT this can only be done twice, the vehicle may not be brought in for a third six-month period.

Please note: severe penalties are given to any vehicle that overstays the 6 months limit

If you wish to import your car for longer than 6 months you will need a residence permit

Importing a car for longer than 6 months - (working, Student or Retired persons in Turkey ONLY) If you are retired, working or a student in Turkey and have a residence permit you can bring your vehicle into Turkey for up to 2 years*.
(*If you have met the criteria) 

You will be given permission to keep the vehicle in Turkey for a maximum of 2 years and after that time you can renew again.

Full details; including criteria, can be found on the Turing and Automobile Club of Turkey website:

Please note: For imported vehicles over 6 months; you are required to lodge a guarantee or bond payment into a bank account (that cannot be touched) until your vehicle leaves Turkey or is scrapped.  The bond amount varies and depends on the vehicle age, engine size, etc.

What is a temporary entrance certificate for foreign vehicles Y.T.G.G.K and who can get it? A Temporary Entrance Certificate for foreign vehicles (Y.T.G.G.K.) is a document allowing foreign residents living in Turkey, (for work, education or retirement purposes) the ability to keep their registered vehicle in Turkey for a limited period.

The vehicles are exempt from Customs Tax, VAT and Special Consumption Tax.

How to apply for a (Y.T.G.G.K.) document Applications are made to the Touring and Automobile Club of Turkey:

Full Q & A's about importing a foreign vehicle can be found on the Turing website; here

Foreign Registration PlatesAll imported vehicles must carry the "MA/MZ" registration plate which means that the vehicles belongs to a foreigner resident in Turkey.

Licence plates of  foreign  vehicles are classified into two types:
    1.    Diplomatic plates (for tax free car .): Are only issued by special permission from the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to passport holders in the diplomatic service.
    2.    Blue plates: Are issued to all other foreign passport holders who hold work and residence permits. The colour of the plate, is no longer blue.

The above information has been provided by Turing; if you have any questions, please contact Turing directly;

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9th September 2015 how much is penalties for a car overstay for two months

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