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From Tourist to Resident, 7 signs that you’re ready to make the move to Turkey

31st October 2014

'Turkey', it is your only holiday destination. You have been travelling to Turkey for many years and have truly adopted the country into your heart.

Maybe you already own an apartment or villa and are now marveling at the idea of making the move a permanent one.

You know your ready to move when…

1) Your've become accustomed to the cultural differences
The honeymoon period is over; Turkey's cultural differences have made themselves obvious.

A family of 8 perch themselves on to a motorbike, your friends flinch and are horrified and yet you say, ‘yeah that happens here’.

Okay maybe thats a little extreme, but it is important to accept that the way things work in Turkey may not be the same way things work back home.

2) You have a circle of friends
Everyone knows you already. Turkey feels like home as you have such a good social life.

It’s important to have many people around you, especially living aboard. Leaving loved ones behind can be difficult. Surrounding yourself with friendly people, whom you can share your experiences with, both good and bad, will aid you in becoming settled into your new home.

3) You can do without almost anything – you never new you could!
Things that you thought you couldn’t live without, your favourite TV programs or gym classes become less important.

You don’t miss the same life as back home. It is easy to adopt an open mind while spending a lot of time in Turkey and embracing a new lifestyle.

4) Home just doesn’t feel like home anymore
You’ve just landed back in your home country but already your booking your flights back to Turkey.

When your back in your home country, you realise that life is 'just the same as ever'. Everyone keeps struggling with their daily chores, and yet all you keep thinking is….‘I want a new life!’

5) You have moved from daydreaming to planning and are researching what you need to do to make this happen
There is a lot which one needs to take into consideration when moving abroad. If you have children then they will need to attend school, you may want to find another job, or you could be retired and need to know if you are financially stable enough to make the move. But of course with good planning, the reality of starting a new life overseas is possible.

6) You have embraced the Turkish lifestyle
The Turkish people are wonderful, the climate is terrific and the food is tasty. Turkish culture and festivals have all become a part of your life.
Turkey, itself with all of its sites and landmarks is nothing short of breathtaking.

7) You have two of everything
You own two bank accounts, two phones, two homes, two sets of clothes…. You are juggling life in Turkey and life back home. Things can become a little hectic travelling back and forth, especially if you have properties to maintain. The costs of flights and properties can become expensive.

If you’re considering starting a new life in Turkey then why not take a chance and follow your dreams. Moving abroad is a very exciting adventure; a new city, culture, job, lifestyle, and a complete change from your old life.

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