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Private Health insurance for Foreigners in Turkey - Just got Easier!

3rd November 2014

Private Health insurance in Turkey just got a lot more simplier thanks to Groupama Sigorta's new product for foreigners.

The change in foreign residence laws in April means that it is now mandatory for foreigners from specific countries to have valid health insurance. This applies to British passport holders as well as other nationalities.

So, if you are looking for private health insurance for your Turkish residence permit, then you may want to consider Groupama Sigorta's new product; "FIT - Foreigners in Turkey"

FIT health insurance has been developed specifically for the Turkish Residence Permit, and meets all legal requirements.

You can also obtain an instant online quote for the FIT product via the

Check it out below;

» Online Health Insurance CalculatorMajor Benefits of FIT;

Fit Health Insurance For Foreigners In Turkey;

    •    Totally compliant for Residence Permit requirements for you and your family
    •    In case of an illness or accident, expenses for inpatient and outpatient cares are covered
    •    Quality services in our contracted institutions
    •    No insured's contribution in contracted institutions for inpatient cares
    •    24/7 Health Assistance
    •    Affordable premium, payment with Turkish of Foreign Credit card
    •    Children can be self-insured
    •    Insurance policy covers persons aged between 0-60 years old.

What are the minimum health insurance requirements for the Turkish residence permit?

As well as an instant online quote via YellAli, you will also get;

    •    English & Turkish Documentation
    •    Directly Connected to English Speaking Groupama Representative
    •    Immediate Cover
    •    Option to purchase policy with Groupama Sigorta

You will be connected directly to a major insurance provider, and have peace of mind that they are dealing with a reputable and reliable insurance company.

Read more about; YellAli's new partnership with Groupama Sigorta or read about it on Groupama Sigorta's website here

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