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Turkish foods to avoid when dieting

16th January 2015

We all know January is diet season and for those thinking of dieting to shed those extra pounds you may want to consider our list of Turkish foods to avoid.

Turkish Foods to Avoid on a DietList of Turkish Food Items to Avoid

    •    Entrees like ıspanaklı börek (cheese and spinach pie) should be avoided as they are high-fat and high calorie snacks.
    •    Baklava (a Turkish Dessert) as this has a very high fat content and a high calorie count.
    •    High fat main meals-such as moussaka (a dish made from minced lamb, eggplant, and white sauce dish, that usually includes a lot of butter and oil)
    •    Restrict those olives - Olives are very healthy BUT they have a very high fat and calorie content
    •    Bread and dips - Go easy with these, the calories and fat add up if you are not careful.
    •    Avoid Turkish Börek (pie stuffed with meats, potatoes and cheese)
    •    Fried foods, such as falafel (fried chick pea balls).
    •    Limit the amount of tahini (sesame paste) used in sauces and dips.
    •    Avoid desserts that have a lot of honey, oil and sesame paste.

Turkish Foods to Choose
List of Turkish Food Items to choose

    •    Appetisers such as stuffed grape leaves, hummus dips and pita or tabbouleh.
    •    Grilled meats - chicken, lamb or beef are excellent choices. Along with fish and seafood
    •    Kebabs (skewered meat dishes) are healthy choices.
    •    Choose grilled vegetables to go with your grilled meat dish. (Avoid the oil ladened eggplant)
    •    Meat and vegetable tagines (stews made with fresh, simple ingredients) these aren't too high in fat.
    •    Meze, which traditionally consists of several small dishes. But check that what is offered does not include deep fried dishes and minced lab loaded with olive oil.

Afiyet olsun!

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