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Turkish Residence Permit for Newbies

20th January 2015

In this weeks guide we will be talking about 'First time applications' for the Turkish Residence permit. And for all you 'Newbies' out there, this blog is for you.

At YellAli we receive many enquiries about this topic, so we have pulled together the important points and explained what you need to know about making a successful application.

Good luck!

Is this you?

If the Turkish Residence Permit makes you feel like this; Then read on...

FIRSTLY The CHECK LIST:- (If you can say YES to ALL the below then your half way there already!)

alid at least sixty days beyond the expiry date of the permit requested)
- HEALTH INSURANCE (Including inpatient/outpatient treatment)
- TURKISH TAX NUMBER (You will need this for health insurance & paying your residence permit tax)

Important Notice;Currently ALL FOREIGNERS must make their applications in TURKEY.  It was anticipated that from 1 January 2015 foreigners would be required to submit their application to the Turkish Consulate in their own country. However, this is currently on hold and for the present time application procedures will continue as before. [»READ FULL DETAILS HERE]

Booking your appointment Online; (ISTANBUL & ANKARA ONLY)Firstly, you must make an online appointment for your residence permit application via the Turkish National Police online booking form here (for Istanbul) or here (for Ankara)
These appointments get booked out very quickly, so make sure you select the next available appointment. But don't panic, if your entry visa expires before your appointment date, it's OK. As long as you have made your ONLINE appointment BEFORE your entry visa expires, your'll be fine.

PLEASE NOTE: The online appointment is for Istanbulites, & Ankara Only [Those living in Istanbul & Ankara] for all you other folk in Turkey, you don't need to make an online appointment. Instead please visit your local Foreigners police department in your own district to start your application.

Choosing your permit;Foreigners can apply for either a »Short Term Residence Permit (valid for 1 year) or a »Family Residence Permit (if married to a Turkish national) (valid for 2 years), with the majority of first time applicants being eligible for the short term permit.

--> CHECK OUT what the Turkish Residence Permit Card looks like here; »Turkish Residence Permit Card
The Documents you need;• You will need a Ikamet Tezkeresi Form. Please complete the form and print a coloured copy.
The form is in both Turkish & English Download here
• Turkish Tax Number - See »How do I apply for a Turkish Tax Number
• A valid passport / Travel Document (valid at least sixty days beyond the expiry date of the permit requested)
• 4 recent passport photos (biometric)
• A valid Turkish visa (eg, a holiday visa)
• Proof of address* (If renting - a copy of signed contract -This copy needs to be notarised)
• Property title deed (Tapu) or rental agreement
• Bank statement from a Turkish bank proving you are in good financial standing. (Some officers may accept proof of funds from a foreign bank statement) (Funds: This varies from place to place. The general rule is that you must have at least 500 USD or equivalent currency (minimum) for each month you intend to reside in Turkey. For smaller provinces 350 USD or equivalent currency will suffice.
• A folder which holds all documents, (one which can easily view pages)

*The requirements can vary from place to place, so please do check with your local police department if you are unsure.

Compulsory Health Insurance;This is a compulsory requirement for those under the age of 65. You must obtain private health insurance for a one year Turkish Residence permit as this is your first time application. It must be from a Turkish Insurance Company or Insurance provider with a branch office in Turkey and must meet the minimum legal requirements. (You are not yet eligible for the Turkish SGK health insurance)

You can obtain health insurance that meets the legal requirements via Groupama Sigorta FIT (Foreigners in Turkey) Health Insurance :- This policy has been developed specifically for the Turkish Residence Permit. Users can obtain a quote and learn more via the link below :-
(Policy coverage is between 0-60 years old - permanent renewal for those who join at 60 or before)

Get Quote Here --> »

Or you may like to read about the easy online process »here

Permit Fees;You must pay a fee of 55 Turkish Lira for the permit card and a fee (Tax) for the duration of the permit. (Applicable to; US, UK, Australian and New Zealand citizens, along with most other nations) Prices vary, depending on your nationality and some nationalities are only required to pay a one time single entrance fee. [»READ FULL DETAILS HERE]

Application process;Applications are submitted to the local foreigners police department and then sent to the Göç İdaresi Genel Müdürlüğü in Ankara (migration department) for actual review.
The approval process can take between 6 - 12 weeks, with the average application taking around 7 weeks.
The permit will be delivered to your home address. But do also check with your local post office (PTT office)

Permit for less than one year;It is possible to apply for a Turkish Residence Permit for less than one year.

Turkish Residence Permit - What it allows you to do;Some of the things you can do as a Turkish Residence Permit holder:-

- Ship personal items to Turkey.
- Registering a land-line telephone/internet.
- Import a vehicle for more than 6 months.

Things to remember;- You must be in Turkey when you make your application for a Turkish Residence Permit. (These are the current procedures)
- Once you are granted a Turkish residence permit, please remember you are permitted to leave Turkey for 120 days a year Only.
(Excluding Health & Education purposes)
- If you apply for a work permit, this will also act as your residence permit
- After you receive your residence permit, you can obtain a foreigners identity number (Yabanci Kimlik Number)
- A residence permit does not give you working rights

Allow an expert to complete the application on your behalf;If you have read all of the above information and would like assistance with your documentation, then allow YellAli to complete the application on your behalf. We offer this service to all foreigners in Turkey via our partner company 'Permit in Turkey'.

We can either connect you up with one of our local sworn translators in your region of Turkey or we can complete the process from our central office in Istanbul. If you would like to discuss further, »Contact us:-


I WANT MORE INFORMATION;If you would like to read more about the Turkish Residence permit, living in Turkey or general topics about life in Turkey, then please see »ALI's ADVICE pages or »Join YellAli for free and get updates sent directly to your inbox.

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Comments (3)


20th January 2015 i am retired and have bought a house in Dalyan. I want to move there permanently next year. I have a tapu , Turkish IS bank account and turkish tax number.
I have a good monthly income from my teachers pension. Do i have to have a lump sum in the bank to cover the year when i apply for residence permit or can i show proof of regular monthly income ?


22nd January 2015 it is so funny that new residency permits have no picture of the holder. On the other hand it has foreigner ID number which is good. I found it ironic that old one did not have the ID number but the photo, now the new one has the number but this time no photo. Why not both at the same time. Is it to difficult to make which I dont understand reason behind it. Hope they will change it for better.


28th April 2015 I was hoping to spend more time in Turkey (I have a house there) however the new residents permit is only for a year and if I leave the country for more than 120 days it is revoked what is the point?
I think it is very unfair on people who have bought homes there and want to reside there there but with the option to return home whenever necessary.
These people will spend considerably more money per year within Turkey than your normal 2 week holiday maker.

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