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Key things to get you started living in Turkey

29th January 2015

Turkey truly is a magnificent country to live in, with it's laid back lifestyle, affordable way of living and great opportunities for foreign investors, it really is a good place to live.

It is abundant with foreign residents 'Expats' and home to over 200,000 foreign citizens from countries such as; Britain, USA, Russia, Germany, Netherlands, Norway and those from the Middle East.

If you are considering living in Turkey here are some Key things you should know:-

Entry Guidelines for Turkey;Is it important for both Tourists and Residents in Turkey to remember the following;

As from 1 January 2015 passports should have at least 60 days validity from the date of expiry of a traveller's visa, visa exemption period or residency permit to be able to enter the country. [Full Details Here; »New Passport Guidelines for Turkey]

Turkish Residence Permit;If you plan to live in Turkey permanently, you are required to obtain a Turkish Residence Permit. A residence permit is a permit granted to foreign nationals, allowing them to live in Turkey. [Full Details Here; »Turkish Residence Permit Types ]

Prices for 2015 Residence permit FEES can be found here;
»Turkish Residence Permit Fees

Health Insurance;Health Insurance is a mandatory requirement for most foreigners (under the age of 65) wanting to obtain a Turkish Residence Permit.

Please note; Private or state health insurance will be not asked from the citizens of countries which have reciprocal agreement with Turkey. However, many countries, including; USA, UK, France, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and most other countries DO NOT HAVE a reciprocal agreement with Turkey and HEALTH INSURANCE is mandatory.

This mandatory health policy can be provided by most health insurance companies in Turkey. With Groupama Sigorta providing it's own specific policy for these requirements; FIT (foreigners in Turkey) health insurance. This is available to purchase online or direct from a Groupama agent. [Full details here; »Online Health Insurance Process]

You can obtain a free online quote here; »Online Turkish Health Insurance Quote

Keeping in line with Residency Restrictions;As a resident of Turkey you should reside here for the majority of your residency. If you spend more than 120 days a year outside of Turkey, your residency can become invalid. [Full details here; »120 day rule Turkey]

Under the new law on foreigners, a permit can be cancelled if you spend more than 120 days outside of Turkey.
(For long term residency permits, this is 1 year)

Property in Turkey;Buying or Renting a Property in Turkey
For those foreigners who want to purchase a property or rent a property in Turkey, there are many things to consider, such as the purchasing process, legal requirements, who to trust?, where to buy?, price? and so on. For further information please see YellAli advice section for Property in Turkey or speak to one of our listed property companies who will be happy to answer your questions. Please see YellAli business directory:- Find Property Companies in Turkey

Importing your Vehicle;Importing your car into Turkey for less than 6 months
You can temporarily import your vehicle into Turkey for a maximum of 6 months. (in a 12 month period)
After this time, the vehicle must leave for at least six months. Afterwards, the same vehicle can then be brought back into Turkey. BUT this can only be done twice, the vehicle may not be brought in for a third six-month period. (Passport required)

Importing a car for longer than 6 months - (Working, Student or Retired persons in Turkey ONLY)
If you are retired, working or a student in Turkey and have a resident's permit you can bring your car into Turkey for up to 2 years*. (*If you have met the criteria)
You will be given permission to keep the car in Turkey for a maximum of 2 years and after that time you can renew again. (Residence permit required) [Full details here; »Importing a car into Turkey]

Registering your Mobile Phone;Foreigners in Turkey are allowed to register one imported mobile phone. (every 2 years)
And you have up to 60 days to register your imported phone. [Full details here; »Registering your mobile phone Turkey]

Opening a Bank Account;A bank account can be opened from any Turkish bank (in any Turkish City). You will need to complete the relevant forms from the bank and provide a *Turkish Tax Number or where applicable *Foreigners Identity Number
[Full details here; »How to open a bank account in Turkey]

- »What is a Turkish Tax Number?

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