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7 Safety tips for Women Travelling Alone in Turkey

23rd February 2015

7 Safety tips for Women Travelling Alone in Turkey

Overall women traveling alone in Turkey are treated with courtesy and should feel safe. Like anywhere in the world you will need to keep your wits about you and be cautious and apply the same safety rules that you would in your native country. 

Here are my top tips and advice for women travellers in Turkey:-

1. Research the destination that you planning to travel to. Whether you are travelling along the popular coastal resorts of Turkey, rural areas or the large cities –single foreign women travellers can be viewed as vulnerable, do not fall victim to those unscrupulous characters who will try to take advantage of a lone women traveller.

2. Do not accept drinks from strangers,

3. Avoid isolated places,

4. Use licensed taxis only,

5. Do not be a victim of opportunity theft by leaving your handbag wide open,

6. Book hotels with good reputations, look at the reviews first. Always pick up a hotel business card and carry with you,

7. If you want directions ask another women.

Very useful –Photocopy your passport and leave it with someone you trust. If you do lose your passport, they can fax the photocopy through to you. This will help your local consulate to issue new travel documents quicker.

Cultural awareness when travelling in Turkey

• It is important that you do not underestimate the cultural difference of Turkey especially when it comes to men and women.

• In rural areas of Turkey most women do not communicate with outsiders, especially men, so as a western women travelling through Turkey engaging in innocent greetings or harmless conversations with locals can be misinterpreted.

• One must find a balance between polite formality and coming across as over friendly.

• Some locals may take an odd view on women travelling alone. You may experience local Turkish people asking where is your husband/partner.

If you are ever in a situation whereby you feel uncomfortable, walk away. Be firm and ignore unwanted attention.

Dress code

There are no hard and fast rules but it is best to use common sense when deciding what to wear.

• The coastal resorts are used to seeing bikini-clad women, and most bars, restaurants, and hotels have English-speaking staff. However, many destinations inland and in the East of the country adhere to more conservative dress standards do not speak English.

• If staying on a beach resort it is fine to dress as you feel comfortable (i.e. bikini, shorts and short dresses) though when going into town to shop or to eat it may be an idea to change into a dress or trousers.

• When visiting mosques you should take off your shoes at the entrance and ladies should cover their hair; often scarves are provided on the way in. Both sexes should dress modestly with no shorts and arms and shoulders covered during visits to mosques.

Foreign women travellers can thoroughly enjoy their travel and adventures around Turkey.

So all you Women explorers out there do not feel intimidated about discovering the delights of Turkey.


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