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Alo 179 - Explained

4th July 2013

Alo 179 is a 24/7 free phone helpline that’s designed to help expats and tourists resolve complaints about businesses or services that they are unhappy with.

Initially it is advised that you look to try and resolve matters with the person or business with who you are dissatisfied.

You can report any dissatisfactory services to your local Belediye or even the Jandarma.

But if you’re not happy with the outcome, then your next course of action ought to be a (free) phone call to Alo 179.

The free helpline deals with a range of reports of bad service relating to matters such as:

•property transactions

•Belediye services (mainly potholes and rubbish issues)

•excessive noise

•shopping complaints


•general bad or rude behaviour

So, is this a new service? 

The answer, is no it’s not, the Alo 179 free phone helpline has been around for a few years now. It was initially trialled in the Muğla region and was initially set up to assist tourists in the regions who were unhappy with a service received whilst on holiday. 

However, nowadays it is also extends is support to foreigners living in Turkey who need help with resolving issues around bad services.

This free phone number is a great safety net for holidaymakers and foreigners living in Turkey. 

If you feel that you’ve been treated unfairly, for example, maybe as a tourist you’ve been charged a different price to what a local person would pay for a service or goods.

Or if you have evidence that a business has not been operating correctly, you can approach Alo 179 and take action.

You can even call Alo 179 if you just need advice or general information. 

So next time if you have an issue or complaint that you cannot resolve locally, pick up the phone and dial 179.

You can dial from any foreign or Turkish phone in Turkey

From May - Sept Alo 179 operates 24/7
From Oct - April you can call Monday to Friday, between 8am - 5pm

Or you can send them an email to:

You must mark your email "For the attention of Alo 179 Department".



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4th July 2013 Alo 179 is a reliable & trusted service - well recommended

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