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The Turkish Kebab!

1st March 2015

The Turkish Kebab - When most of us hear the word 'kebab' we normally think of the 'Doner kebab', a pita bread filled with slices of meat & salad, which is served in many takeaways through out the UK. The doner kebab is a popular favourite in Britain and is possibly the ultimate treat to 'scoff down' following some Friday night shenanigans.

But there are so many different varieties of kebab for you to discover in Turkey, and of course, to eat!

For example, did you know there are over 40 types of Kebab in Turkey? Most are popular throughout Turkey and boast regional variations. They are made from specific ingrediants, cooked and even presented in a certain way.

Here are some famous kebabs from around Turkey:-

Adana Kebab - Also known as 'kıyma kebabı' – This kebab is made with hand-minced (zırh) meat and mixed with chili on a flat wide metal skewer (shish); The Adana Kebab is associated with the Adana region and is very popular through out Turkey.

Beyti Kebab - Ground lamb or beef, seasoned and grilled on a skewer, often served wrapped in lavash and topped with tomato sauce and yogurt, traced back to the famous 'kebab house Beyti' in Istanbul and particularly popular in Turkey's larger cities.

İskender Kebap - Made from döner meat and served on pieces of pide dressed with butter and yogurt on a side of the plate. If preferred, tomato sauce and extra butter can be used for dressing. It is also known as 'Bursa Kebabı' and is a very popular choice.
(See below picture)

Cağ kebab - Cubes of lamb roasted first on a cağ (a horizontal rotating spit) and then on a skewer, a specialty of the Erzurum region. This kebab is rising in popularity within Turkey.

Çöp şiş - A specialty of the Selçuk and Germencik towns near Ephesus, this kebab is made from pounded boneless meat with tomatoes and garlic marinated with black pepper, thyme and oil and cooked on wooden skewers.

Testi kebabı (earthenware-jug kebab) - The ingredients are similar to the 'çömlek kebabı', and is prepared in a testi (jug) instead of a güveç, The testi kebab is generally found in Central Anatolia and the Mid-Western Black Sea region of Turkey. (See below picture)

Kuyu Kabab - Prepared from the goat it is a speciality of the Aydın region, and is similar to the 'tandır kebabı'.

Manisa kebab - This Manisa region version of the kebab is smaller and flat size shish meat on the sliced pide bread, flavored with butter, and stuffed with tomato, garlic and green pepper.

Tokat kebabı - Associated with the 'Tokat region', it is made with veal marinated in olive oil, aubergine, tomatoes, potatoes, onion, garlic and special pita bread.

Urfa kebabı - A signature kebab dishe named after Turkey's two most famous “kebab cities”, Adana and Urfa. The Urfa Kebab is similar to the Adana kebab, but not as spicy. The urfa Kebab is made from ground beef and lamb kneaded together with onion, garlic and spices and is then packed by hand around large, flat metal skewers. (See below picture)



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