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Popular Iҫmeler Excursions

17th March 2015

Iҫmeler is a popular Turkish resort located on the Turkish Riviera.  This quaint municipality is surrounded by pine forests that provide fantastic hiking opportunities. 

Over the last 15 years the town developed rapidly to keep up with the burgeoning tourist demands. 

The main attraction within Iҫmeler is Iҫmeler Beach.  This is a fairly uncrowded beach with views of the bay.  It’s the best option if you do not feel like venturing outside the town.

For the FamilyAqua-Dreams Water Park- Located in nearby Marmaris the largest water park in Turkey provides the family with a day of fun in the sun.  It features a variety of water slides and flumes both for the daring and more cautious family members.

Buggy Safari- These exciting tours provide safe and easy to drive buggies.  Be prepared to get wet and muddy all while having a safe, yet fun adventure.  This is great for kids over the age of 10.

Jeep Safaris- The routes often cover a mix of dirt rack and asphalt roads that take you off the beaten path to experience swimming in waterfalls and walks along often seldom visited beaches.
For the History and Culture AficionadoPamukkale- This unique attraction is a natural site situated near the ruins of the Hierapolis, and ancient and sacred city.  Enjoy the stunning white calcium pools that cling to the side of the ridge.  Come relax in the hot springs that have been used since Roman times for their therapeutic powers.
Ephesus- This ancient city used to be the commercial capital of the ancient world, but today it is one of the best preserved classical cities in the Eastern Mediterranean.  Sign up for a tour or explore the city on your own.  The city was and is still known for its architectural program dedicated to the goddess Artemis.  No matter which way you choose to explore you will be sure to enjoy the splendid architecture and get a feel for the ancient world.
For the SightseerGokova Gulf- The gulf has many inlets that are mostly inaccessible by land.  Since most of the bay is under strict protection there are never ending stretches of the purest blue and green water.  Get away from the hustle and bustle of the city on one of these soothing boat tours.
Cleopatra Island- This island is fabled to have been one of the meeting locations of Queen Cleopatra and Mark Anthony.  The sand is said to have been ordered by Cleopatra to be shipped from Egypt to create her paradise; however, it is actually billions of tiny fossils that have taken millions of years to accumulate.  This island has dazzled visitors for decades and provides the opportunity to relax in one of the most unique locations on Earth.
For the Animal Lover Horseback Riding- If you love horses, then explore Marmaris on horseback.  These tours will provide you with a unique view of the area as you ride through the local forests.

Turtle Beach- Reach this natural conservation area by boat and experience the last breeding spot of the Loggerhead Turtles.  Take a boat tour of the area and go for a swim in Aquarium Bay and visit the phosphorous cave before continuing on to Turtle Beach.  


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