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TURKISH WORK PERMIT - Why it is so Important (Updated)

17th March 2015

Foreigners who are working in Turkey, whether it be for a company or their own business, need to have an official work permit. Otherwise working without a work permit it is classed as 'working illegally'.

No legal rights

The results of working without a work permit mean you are not entitled to any legal or social security rights. Therefor you will not receive health or maternity insurance paid for by your employer. If an accident was to happen at work, you will not be compensated for any work accident or occupational hazards.

If there is an 'employer-employee disagreement' - You cannot apply to the court. If the employer choses to dismiss the employee without a work permit, they are not eligible to any severance pay.

Also there is no guarantee that your salary will be paid to you.

What happens if you are found to be working with no permit?

Working in Turkey without a work permit is a very serious issue.  If a foreign person is working illegally in Turkey then the consequences for this is deportation or in some cases they will incur a fine or both.

The authorities take a very dim view on those working illegally.  The police and Jandarma have the power to arrest those working illegally and put them into prison and then deport them back to their homeland.

Those who have been deported will not be able to return to Turkey for up to 8 years. Further to this they will never be granted a residence permit to live in Turkey.

How much are the fines? ***UPDATED FOR 2016***

For foreigners who work without a work permit - 881 TL

For the foreigners who work independently without a work permit - 3.536 TL

In case of repetition, administrative fines will be doubled.

For those who employ foreigners without a work permit, the fine per foreigner is - 8.848 TL

Make sure you are working legally

It is very important for a person working in Turkey to know they have obtained a work permit from the employer. A foreigners work permit will act a a residence permit. (conditions apply)

There are four main working permits issued to foreigners:

Work permits for a definite period of time

Working permission for an indefinite period of time

Independent Work Permit


Those seeking work in Turkey and chose to work without a permit, need to be aware that even if they do find an employer that will hire them without a permit, spot visits by the police and Jandarma are carried out routinely. 

The results and sanctions of illegal employment in Turkey being as they are, it is advisable to acquire a work permit before starting your career in Turkey.

Important Notice: As of the date January 1, 2015 foreigners whose passport validity are not 60 days longer than the expiration date of the work permit will not be allowed to enter/re-enter Turkey.

Documents sent by post
Approved Work Permit documentation will be sent via courier (PTT), to the foriegners place of work.
You will recieve a tracking number for the cargo and can check it's delivery status using the below link:-

Allow an expert to complete the application on your behalf; Contact YellAli(!) READ ABOUT OUR NEW FOREIGNER CENTER

Turkish Residence Permit


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