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From Expat to Native – 12 Signs you have become a true local in Turkey

18th March 2015

You’ve been living in Turkey for a while now; you know that you have truly become a native in Turkey when you do the following.

You wrap up warm during Autumn/Winter/Spring Months

It's easy to spot the tourists visiting out of season; flowing sari, sandals, t-shirts and shorts and you wonder, ‘What the hell are they thinking?’
‘It’s freezing, who wears sandals in the winter?’.

The mild winter temperatures of Turkey, no longer seem so mild, now that you have adjusted to the climate. 

You drink Ayran

At first glance you thought it was milk, it may have even tasted like 'gone off milk', but now you have truly embraced this delicious yogurt based drink. After all it’s perfect during the hotter months, just add salt to keep rehydrated – but you know that now anyway!

No Shoes in the House

You have a collection of shoes at the door, you even offer your guest ‘house slippers’.

Turkish Breakfast

Breakfast, it is the most important meal of the day.

If someone would have told you before you came to Turkey that one-day you would be eating olives for breakfast you would have thought that they were crazy!
However nowadays a Turkish breakfast of fresh bread, olives, cheese, tomoatoes, cucumber, eggs and various jams is a light and delectable way to start the day.

No more Lobster Tan!

Gone are the days of cramming your sunbathing into a week’s holiday. No more sun burn. You have a healthy glow and can sunbath when you want too.

Queue Jumping

Before you wouldn’t of dreamt of pushing in, it’s the definition of rudeness! Now you bunch in with the rest of them, every man, woman, and child for themselves.

Horn Tooting

In your home country you only ever used your horn if you had completely lost your temper. Beeping another road user only meant
one thing – WAR! Nowadays its part of driving, and you toot all day long.


It’s the only way to agree a price on anything. ‘I am not paying that, I am not a tourist!’ its local price for me now thanks!

Turkish time

Your concept of time and 'being on time' has much more of a fluid concept. 


After a night out, you no longer crave a kebab, and instead head to the local çorba house and have soup, with a slice of lemon of course!

No Problem

Your new favourite word ‘problem yok’

Turkish simit

Your toddler/child loves Simit bread. Infact he/she can spot the simit man a mile off. This tasty circular, sesame seeded bread makes for the perfect snack.



Do you recognize these traits? Let us know if there are any we have missed? Please comment below:-




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Comments (5)


19th March 2015 OMG I really have turned Turkish. Apart from the Ayran I can tick yes to all of the others


19th March 2015 You forgot that we all start drinking our tea black no sugar


24th March 2015 Turkish Coffee which was once a "yuk", now a special treat. Can't stand Nescafé!


24th March 2015 You treat red traffic lights as an option to stop
You realise that double white lines in middle of road are for no reason, probably they had too much white paint!
Speed signs are just a suggestion.
You can disconnect your indicators and put more power to the horn!
İf only going a short distance it is ok to drive on wrong side of road.
Pedestrian crossings, what are they?
Cutting up motorcyclists is ok, who do they think they are anyway?


14th July 2015 If your turn off is only a hundred meters or so away , you must overtake the car in front of you first

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