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Property Buyers Ultimate Guide - Turkey

10th April 2015

So you have decided to make the move and live out your ultimate dreams in the sun. But what are the elements you need fulfil your property fantasies?

Here below is our 'Property buyers ultimate guide'.

Legal Matters

PROPERTY PURCHASE - So you have found your perfect
property in Turkey. Now comes the legal bit which you need to take into consideration. 

Firstly, you should find out the title deed (TAPU) belonging to the property is debt free which may require the assistance of a lawyer. You also want to make sure the property has a habitation certificate. (Living Permission)

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On purchase, you will normally be requested to put down a small fee to secure the home.

 Your solicitor should be able to produce a written contract between the vendor and purchaser to include all the relevant details. This includes when the property was bought, terms and conditions and the payment schedule. 

Please note your contract should also clearly state the total purchase price and should have factors tied in such as certification, any extra fees for name changes and that no further costs will be owed. (This contract should also include water and electricty)

FEES - The fees include; Sales transfer fee of 4 % - plus some small additional administrative taxes.
Please note; According to Turkish Law, the title deed transfer *fee should be payable by both parties 2% from buyer, and 2% from seller, however in practice it is usually the buyers responsibly to pay the whole amount of 4%. This will of course be according to the terms of your negotiation.

*The fee is calculated on the value of the property.

For the title deed transfer you will need;
Original passport ID
Turkish tax number Or Foreigners Identity Number
4 Photos (passport style)
Notarised copy of Passport


If you are planning on living in Turkey permanently, it is imperative that you have everything in order such as a Turkish Tax number or *foreigners identity number. (*also known as a 'Yabanci Kimlik Number') - What is a Yabanci Kimlik Number?

This will provide everything you need to carry out the necessary tasks including opening a bank account in Turkey as well as signing up for council taxes, gas, electricity and other utility bills. 

In addition, you will need to apply for a Turkish residence permit, allowing you access to reside in Turkey for a period of up to 1 year. (up to 2 years for the family residence permit) Permits are renewable upon expiry.

Why is this so essential you may ask? 

If you choose too, It will ensure your personal items can be shipped across whilst having the ability to sign up to both telephone and internet services. 

As well as legal permission to reside in Turkey.

Contract Validation

Getting your contracts notarised- You are strongly advised to get your contact notarized, you need to have both an English and Turkish versions of the contract (or a bi-lingual contract) which is signed in the presence of a notary public. This will ensure that the contract is officially accepted by Turkish law and that the terms within the contact are binding for all parties.

Military Agreement

The next step to owning a home is once you have sought military approval, you then have the right to possess your own fixed dwelling.

The application process is straightforward enough and begins the moment when you agree on a property to purchase. 

In the majority of cases, your legal representative can apply on your behalf thanks to a Power of Attorney which you can sign.

NOTE - This process has now been simplified and if any foreign owned property has already been military approved, any new foreign buyers do not have to re-apply for military approval. (This applies to all parcels that have been previously cleared after 5 May 2011)
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