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These Places in Turkey will blow your mind!

11th May 2015

There’s plenty of places to visit in Turkey whether you’re looking for a place to relax, have fun or discover more about the local history you’ll have no shortage of places to go. Below we’ve compiled a list of places that will simply blow your mind.

Damlatas Caves

The Damlatas Caves are located in Alanya, a popular beach resort city in the district of Antalya. The caves are located near the Alanya castle and offer a magical natural beauty. The caves also have wonderful crisp fresh air that make them a popular spot to visit amongst asthma sufferers.
The caves also have a very romantic quality to them making them the ideal spot for couples to visit. The caves are quite small but do contain a number of steps so to fully enjoy the caves make sure you can manage the walking necessary. ↘

Church of St. Nicholas

The Church of St. Nicholas is found in the ancient town of Myra. The popular tourist spot was built in the 8th century and contains the tomb of St. Nicholas of Myra who was the inspiration for Santa Claus.
The Church of St. Nicholas gives you the chance to view beautiful ancient architecture and the floor the church is a wondrous mosaic of coloured marble. ↘

Saklikent Gorge

The Saklikent Gorge is the second largest gorge in Europe and the tallest in Turkey. Standing at an imposing 20 kilometres long the Saklikent Gorge offers a number of wondrous views and gives tourists the chance to experience the wonders of nature up close.
Locals to the gorge have also set up a number of shops and small restaurants on wooden platforms suspended above the rushing waters giving you the chance to buy souvenirs of your trip to the gorge and try the local cuisine all while admiring the natural beauty that surrounds you. ↘ 

The Dark Canyon (Karanlik Kanyon)

The Dark Canyon is a popular spot for thrill seekers, just take a look on YouTube and you’ll find many videos of people base jumping from the canyon. And with a total depth of around 600 metres that’s quite the thrill and adrenaline rush.
The canyon located near the Kemaliye village is also a brilliant example of the natural beauty Turkey offers. If thrill seeking isn’t for you then you can relax on a gentle boat ride through the canyon instead. (As seen in main image) ↘


Palamutbükü is the perfect example of the little dream oasis many of us imagine ourselves wondering down at times of stress. Located near the village of Yazıköy, Palamutbükü is a lovely shingle beach. 
The golden sands and clear blue sea are more than enough to make you want to rest and relax for a couple of hours. During the summer months Palamutbükü is like most beaches a lot busier and you’ll find a number of pop-up restaurants and chalets. During the calmer months Palamutbükü is more quiet and relaxed.


Located in the mountains over the black sea the provincial capital of Amasya Province, Amasya is a rising star for tourists due to being set across a narrow valley along the banks of the Yeşilırmak River. Famed for its’ apple growing Amasya also as a number of sites that will astound and wonder visitors.
You can visit the site of the royal palace and the tombs of the kings of Pontus that are illuminated every night to make them appear even more magical. There’re also a number of museums and ruin sites you can explore and even a number of castles and well preserved ancient mansions.↘

Ağva and Polonezköy

Ağva and Polonezköy are both small populated areas that would be wonderful places to visit during your holiday in Turkey. Ağva is located in the Şile district of İstanbul Province the popular resort spot is nestled between the Göksu and Yeşilçay rivers. Making it a popular spot for boating trips across the Göksu River.
Polonezköy is a small relaxing village found in Istanbul about 30 kilometres away from the city centre. Found by Polish settlers in 1842 Polonezköy is wonderfully relaxing spot to visit and holds a number of festivals celebrating its Polish heritage. If you can’t catch one of the festivals you’ll also find a number of local historical spots like The Polish Cemetery and The Memorial House of Zofia Riz. ↘


Safranbolu is a Town located in the Karabük Province of Turkey, it also as the honour of being in the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites which it was officially added to in 1994. It received the honour due to its well preserved ottoman era houses and architecture.
Due to the number of well-preserved buildings in Safranbolu it is a popular spot for people interested in ottoman era designs and people interested in Turkish history and architecture. It also gives you the feeling of travelling back to the past in many ways and gives you the unique opportunity to fully explore ancient buildings. ↘


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